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Mašek, Václav , Čermák, Roman
Motorcycle Rider Assistance System for Obstacle Detection with Visualization in the Rider’s Visual Area

This work describes a design study of motorcycle rider’s assistant system. The main reason was to design affordable and useful safety devices for every motorcycle rider. The study includes a detailed design of a sensory unit placed on the motorcycle and a visualization unit wi...

Mašek, Václav , Čermák, Roman
Design Study of the Low-Cost Advance Rider Assistance System

This work describes the design and implementation of a low-cost Advanced Rider’s Assistant System (ARAS). Motorcycle riders are more prone to AQ1 the injury during an accident than passengers of the car. For riders those accid...

Čermák, Roman , Teplý, Radek , Mašek, Václav , Fait, David
Project based learning for increasing attractivity of technical education at elementary schools and high schools

The aim of the paper is to report on an educational project created to make technical education more attractive and to attract primary school pupils to study technical fields. The paper briefly presents the current situation in technical education in the Czech Republic and the...

Fait, David , Mašek, Václav , Čermák, Roman
A Constructivist Approach in Process of Learning Mechatronics

The paper provides an overview of the implementation of the constructivist approach in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering’s Mechatronics lectures at the University of West Bohemia. Mechatronics has a crucial role in the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0. Any change in a field of ...

Fait, David , Mašek, Václav , Čermák, Roman
Using Digital Twins in mechatronics and manufacturing

The purpose of the paper is to elaborate on the methodology of designing new machines called Digital Twins. In this particular case a FESTO MecLab educational assembly line was used. A digital twin is a virtual model that serves as a real-time digital counterpart of a...