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Cabadová Waisová, Šárka
How to follow and Study Through the Sites and Situations of Expert Knowledge Diffusion in International Politics: Research Challenges and Methodological Responses

The central aim of this article is to consider tools and methods for studying expert knowledge (EK) diffusion in international politics. What we need are methodological devices to enable research of the object in motion and&#x...

Cabadová Waisová, Šárka , Cabada, Ladislav
China´s Engagement in Central Europe: Words Speak Lauder than Actions

Until the end of the 1980s the role of the United States (US), European Communities (EC) and China in Central Europe (CE) was marginal. However, with the end of the Cold War the situation dramatically changed. The present article collects and analyses the evidence about t...

Plundrich, Miroslav
Diplomacie nestátních aktérů: badatelský mýtus, či realita

The current international system finds itself at a stage where foreign relations are being formed by the official governments of individual states and also by other, often diverse, actors. In particular, non-state actors have been establishing, far more than ever, foreign contacts with&...

Stulík, Ondřej , Paleček, Jakub
“Recall” as an empty signifier – the problem of SPD party populism

The article seeks to provide a critical reflection of the political debate in the Czech Republic about the quality of the democratic system and the quantity of democratic mechanisms. The analyzed example is the political requirement for recall, a mechanism of a type of "r...

Naxera, Vladimír
Směrem k principům populistické komunikace? Téma korupce ve volebních programech českých politických stran

The presented text focuses on the transformation of the use of the topic of corruption in the election manifestos of Czech political parties throughout the entire post-communist period. The theoretical framework used to grasp the anti-corruption positions expressed in the manifestos is ...

Železný, Jan
More than just hedging? The reactions of Cambodia and Vietnam to the power struggle between the United States and China in times of Obama's “pivot to Asia”

Southeast Asia is a major theater in the superpower rivalry between China and the United States. The states in this region face the challenge how to react to this intensified strategic competition. Some authors suggest a concept of hedging as the main behavioral response of&#x...

Drulák, Petr
Menschenrechte als Gefahr für die Außenpolitik

The idea of human rights is undeniably an achievement. After the terrible atrocities that the tyrannical dictatorships of the 20th century inflicted on their citizens, it can hardly be denied that every human being is entitled to the protection of his or her life, dignity,...

Maškarinec, Pavel , Naxera, Vladimír
The Pirates of Czechia: the Curse of Preferential Vote

In the 2017 Czech parliamentary election, the Czech Pirate Party succeed unprecedentedly, compared to most of the Pirate parties across Europe. However, while the Pirate-led alliance PirSTAN won 15.62% of the votes in the 2021 Parliamentary Election, the number of Pirate MPs dropped...

Sychra, Zdeněk
Traum, Alptraum, Realität. Die tschechische Europapolitik

Hlaváček, Pavel , Šanc, David
Mongolian hedging strategy

The aim of this text was to evaluate Mongolian foreign policy by applying the hedging strategy. We have arrived at the conclusion that the way Mongolia strives to secure itself against insecurities and risks in the fast-changing environment of East Asia corresponds to main pri...

Naxera, Vladimír , Stulík, Ondřej
‘I will handle it personally’: The neo-patrimonial rhetoric of the Czech Prime Minister in the times of COVID-19

This paper contributes to the contemporary discussion about the political consequences of COVID-19 pandemic situation. The goal of the text is to identify and analyze the neo-patrimonial rhetoric of Czech Prime Minister Babiš in connection with his handling of the pandemic. Using the&#x...

Stulík, Ondřej , Naxera, Vladimír
“One Flew Over the Stork’s Nest”: Neo-patrimonial Populism of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš

Following the discussion on the relation of populism, its typology and neutral bureaucracy, this text examines the communication practice of the former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš regarding the European subsidies. Using the mixed content analysis of several years of Babiš’s statements,...

Zákravský, Jiří
Small Sporting Events as a Sports Diplomacy Tool. The Example of the Friendly Football Match between Basque Country Women's National Football Team and the Czech Republic

Many research articles focus on international sporting events that have the potential to gain a global audience, such as the Olympic Games or FIFA World Cups. These sporting events could be valuable sports diplomacy tools for the hosting countries, strengthening the hosting nation’s...

Zákravský, Jiří , Kobierecki, Michał Marcin , Štulajter, Ivan
Sports Diplomacy Research in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. Emerging Field of Study?

Sport is a complex phenomenon that academics across many social sciences are focusing on. The interest in sports has been observable for a long time by historians, anthropologists and sociologists. Scientists in the field of international relations are no exception. A typical way s...

Naxera, Vladimír
Sudetoněmecký landsmanšaft nebo podpora migrace? Německo jako zdroj ohrožení v rétorice Miloše Zemana

This paper is supposed to be a contribution to contemporary discussion about creating “the others” as a populist strategy. One can say that the role of the most important “the others” in modern Czech history has been played by the Germans (as a nation) and/or by ...

Avanesová, Maria
The Belarusian Orthodox Church and Its Role in the Belarusian Regime

This text, conceived as an interpretative case study, deals with the role that the Belarusian Orthodox Church plays in the contemporary Belarusian regime. In light of the fact that the Belarusian Orthodox Church is an exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, the author will a...

Zákravský, Jiří
The UAE Tour, cycling stars, and Twitter: Tweeting as part of promoting the host country

Using the example of the 2019 inaugural UAE Tour, this study demonstrates how cycling stars indirectly promote countries hosting globally watched sporting events through their Twitter accounts. This study presents a qualitative and quantitative content analysis of the Twitter activity of sel...

Avanesova, Maria
Ruská pravoslavná církev a ochrana křesťanů jako směr zahraniční politiky Ruské federace

The Russian Orthodox Church has become a significant actor in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. This text is dedicated to its role in Russiaʼs foreign policy, specifically to the topic of the Russian interest in problems and protection of Christians, which is one...

Svoboda, Daniel
Šíření salafismu v Africe: mechanismy, strategie a nástroje zahraniční politiky Saúdské Arábie

The role and importance of religion in many countriesʼ foreign policy seem to be rising again. Many scholars have shown that Saudi Arabia uses the spread of religion, specifically Salafi Islam, as a tool for its foreign policy and to strengthen its inf luence. Saudi Arabi...

Cabadová Waisová, Šárka
War Veterans in Bosnia and Herzegovina: From Ethnic Warriors to Agents of Inter-Ethnic Cooperation. How to Explain the Change?

In this article, the attention is paid to the Bosnian war veterans´ organisations. In the post-Dayton period, veterans’ associations could be characterized as non-egalitarian structures with strong ethnic ascription reproducing ethnic cleavages and with wide patron-client bonds to the highest lev...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 93