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Frolík, Jan , Musil, Jan
Cihla a stavební keramika v Chrudimi

This article sums up information about the use of bricks and building ceramics in an area characterised by a sufficient amount of building stone. Although bricks and floor tiles in Chrudim sporadically appear in layers from the 14th century, no stone buildings from the period&...

Čapek, Ladislav
Archeologický výzkum na nádvoří radnice v Českých Budějovicích - Analýza a syntéza stratigrafických a keramických dat a interpretace behaviorálního modelu

The objective of the study is to present post-excavation methods of work with stratigraphic and pottery data with the aim of creating a relative chronology of the multi-layered site based on a phased sequential model. Exploratory and multidimensional (multivariate) statistical methods of...

Dobeš, Miroslav , Hložek, Josef , Menšík, Petr , Světlík, Ivo
Eneolitické kostrové hroby z Holubic, okr. Praha-západ. Příspěvek k pohřebnímu ritu kultury badenské v Čechách

One important issue in the central European Eneolithic is the Baden culture burial rite, which is documented quite well in the eastern part of its territory, though worse in the western region, including Bohemia. The subject of this article is the presentation of the first...

Krištuf, Petr , Nožinová, Soňa
Možnosti rekonstrukce kroje doby bronzové na základě analýzy povrchu bronzových náramků

The article demonstrates the possibilities of traceological analyses of bronze bracelets while studying the appearance of the Bronze Age costume. The aim of this article is to answer a simple question: Did the Bronze Age costume also include a covering piece, covering the arms ...

Čapek, Ladislav
Soubor kovových artefaktů ze zaniklých středověkých vsí Prochod a Žďár ve Velechvínském polesí

The paper deals with analysis of iron and metal artefacts recovered under the supervision of the author during a metal detector survey in 2011 and assemblages handed over by an amateur ‘treasure hunter’ originating from two deserted medieval villages, Prochod and Žďár, in the ...

Dobisíková, Miluše , Hložek, Josef , Menšík, Petr
Několik poznámek k možnostem interpretace hrobu únětické kultury z Holubic, okr. Praha-západ

The present study is an archaeological and anthropological analysis of a grave pertaining to the Únětice culture and discovered in Holubice, in the Praha-západ district. In the tomb pit the remains of an adult male laid on his right side with his lower limbs sharply bent,...

Menšík, Petr
Ojedinělý nález neolitické kamenné sekery z katastru Dražice u Tábora okr. Tábor

The paper describes isolated finds of polished stone axes from surface prospecting near the village of Dražice near Tábor. The subject is described with its possible interpretation, anda brief inventory of other finds of chipped stone artefacts from northern Tábor is provided.

Ondříčková, Marie
Popis rekonstrukce dvou stříbrných píšťal z Uru

The paper focuses on the reconstruction of the silver flutes (pipes) discovered in Ur. The artifacts were found in a fragmentary state and this is the reason why we cannot offer perfect reconstruction. These artifacts are in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology ...

Nožinová, Soňa , Krištuf, Petr
Šperky jako součást kroje střední doby bronzové

The aim of this paper is to reconstruct the costumes of high-ranking women and men in Middle Bronze Age society. Costumes are seen as a badge of social status, which, through jewellery, communicate affiliations to a social group. We believe that an analysis of...

Chroustovský, Luboš , Chlevišťan, Jiří
Mezinárodní den archeologie v laboratořích Katedry archeologie a Katedry antropologie FF ZČU (15.10. 2016)

Chroustovský, Luboš
Workshop (audio)vizuální archeologie, 7. 4. 2016 Plzeň

Chroustovský, Luboš
K dokumentární audiovizuální tvorbě v archeologii

Modern digital technologies and devices challenge our attitudes toward engaging with au- diovisual creativity and production in archaeology. There is a broad range of topics, situations and contexts in which filmmaking knowledge and skills are useful, in both academic arc...

Neústupný, Evžen
Prehistoric demography

Neústupný, Evžen
Sídelní areály pravěkých zemědělců

The paper develops a model fo further consideration and for testing by means of specific archaeological evidence. Starting from the needs of farming communities in proceeds to the definition of their settlement areas as consisting not only of dwelling sites and cemeteries (the two&...

Neústupný, Evžen
The demography of prehistoric cementries

The first part of this paper discusses demographic theory. The most serious obstacle to reconstructions based on skeletal series appears to be their incompleteness (burials outside regular cemeteries) while the question of non-stationarity may be of secondary importance. The conditions for a...

Turek, Jan , Daněček, Vladimír
Symbolické zbraně z měkkých hornin v období kultury se šňůrovou keramikou v Čechách

Musil, Jan
Hrnčířské podložky z Chrudimi

Pottery stilts or shelves belong to an overlooked and little-known artifact associated with the production of Early Modern glazed pottery. In pottery terminology, these terms represent a group of objects that encompasses a fairly wide group of artifacts. A batch of pottery&...

Hobl, Luboš
Keramický soubor z hradu Gutštejna

This article presents the results of a medieval pottery analysis from Gutštejn Castle (District of Tachov). The medieval pottery was obtained during archaeological excavations in the years 1997–2001. The proposed chronological model, which provides the basis for further pottery resea...

Čapek, Ladislav
Rozhovor s docentem Františkem Gabrielem

Čiperová, Monika , Pavelka, Jaroslav , Šmejda, Ladislav
Detekce stop mléka v porézní keramice z neolitu jihozápadních Čech a otázka trávení laktózy u evropských populací v minulosti

The authors of this study focus on analyses of milk traces preserved in the form of organic residues on potsherds dated to the Neolithic and later periods. Commercial immunological tests for analyses of protein allergens in cooked food were used to detect milk rem...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51