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Pomffyová, Mária
Optimizing of communication processes management

This article is focused on analysis of the importance of business communication in SME and its role to support and increase their business efficiency. It is necessary to communicate effectively and collaborate with teams and partners. Simplified ways of information sharing...

Černá, Miloslava , Poulová, Petra
Návštěvnost portálů a míra využití jejich nástrojů a služeb: případová studie

The proliferation of information and communication technologies has influenced nearly all areas of human activities. The Internet represents an unlimited space enabling publishing of current in- formation, supporting new channels of communication, storage of all kinds of documents and...

Meluzín, Tomáš
Research into the causes of low interest of czech companies in financing their development through IPOs

Funding development of the company through the „Initial Public Offering“ has a high represen- tation globally, the Czech Republic unlike, and belongs to traditional methods of raising funds necessary for development of business in the developed capital markets. Without the possi...

Potocký, Rostislav
On a dividend strategy of insurance companies

The problem of finding the optimal dividend strategy is very important for insurance companies. In order to solve this problem a discounted cash flow model has been used which is a special case of valuation models. We analyse the surplus of an insurance comp...

Anchor, John R. , Kouřilová, Tereza
Consumer perceptions of Tesco own brands: the Czech republic and the United kingdom

Relatively little is known about the consumer perceptions of own brands in the newly emerging markets of central and eastern Europe. This paper attempts to fill a gap in knowledge by investiga- ting various aspects of consumer perceptions of Tesco own brands in th...