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Bencsik, Andrea , Machová, Renáta
Znalostný manažment a etika z pohľadu podnikania

Acknowledging the roles of employees can be achieved through appropriate business culture. Business morals and ethics reflect business values; the values define the extent of ethics, or eventually also unethical behavior, and so define the dominant business culture. European countries ...

Kozáková, Petra
Vypovídací schopnost kalkulace nákladů dle jejího typu

Currently it is necessary for every company to be able to react to changing market conditions. So it is also necessary to be concerned with question of costs and revenues. That´s why quality and update cost calculation should have point in business management. The ...

Sedláček, Marek , Vijayakumar, Sinnathurai
Výkonnost podniků automobilového průmyslu ve vztahu k ekonomické situaci na vybraných trzích v období 2007-2010

The main aim of this paper was to answer questions connected with the issue of accepted concern business strategy. Mainly with their influence on functioning of individual subsidiary companies in the interaction with macroeconomic surrounding represented with chosen macroeconomic indicator...

Nemeth, František
Strategická pozícia a výkonnosť železničných podnikov v SR

The Czech Republic is a small country that does not have sufficient land or resource base. Their competitive advantage must be based on the innovation. The aim of this article is to show the real obstacles to innovation activities. Target group of research are SMEs...