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Taraba, Pavel , Bilíková, Jana
Způsobilost členů orgánů správy a řízení veřejných institucí

Nowadays, the topic of Corporate Governance (CG) is highly discussed. The aim of this paper is to introduce the meaning of the Holistic Competence. The right Social Maturity (SQ), the right Application Skills (AQ) and the right Professional Skills (IQ) of the Public Sec...

Chalupová, Martina , Prokop, Martin , Rojík, Stanislav
Znalost regionálních značek potravin v kraji Vysočina

The paper presents partial results of the research on the recognition of the regional food products brands in Vysočina Region. The questionnaire survey was conducted in May 2012 on sample of 404 respondents from the Vysočina Region. Pearson’s chi-squared test is used to ...

Filipczyková, Hana
Vybrané aspekty finančního řízení v organizacích sociálních služeb

This paper illustrates significance and content making costs models for financial management, especial for cost management. The paper is divided into two main chapters. The first chapter explains the basic concepts of costs classification. The second chapter examines methods of ...

Jaďuďová, Jana , Tomaškinová, Judita , Mozola, Martin
Stakeholder management v prostredí mestskej samosprávy

The article presents the process of implementation of stakeholder management in the municipality using the method of „stakeholder circle“. The model of stakeholder identification and classification is analysed for selected government of Banská Bystrica Region – Municipal Office Banská �...

Regnerová, Marta , Hes, Aleš
Specifické zákaznické skupiny spotřebitelů na trhu ČR

Numerically significant and growing social groups that have their own characteristics and which are becoming an important customer groups in the Czech market, are seniors and people with diabetes mellitus. Yet in many marketing investigation you can meet with fact that these ...

Čarnogurský, Karol , Bartánus, Ján , Černá, Ľubica
Právná úprava spoločenskej zodpovednosti podniku

This paper deals primarly with the implementation of corporate social responsibility in the law system in Slovak Republic, EU and USA. At first the authors sum up the common definitions of corporate social responsibility, and then they introduce the most important standards ...

Polívka, Martin
Potenciál využití experimentálních metod v marketingovém výzkumu

Well-functioning marketing research is undoubtedly a necessary condition for the high and stable performance of the enterprise in the 21st century. There are many ways of finding out what type of new product would the consumers appreciate, or how is their opinion on its...

Faltejsková, Olga , Dvořáková, Lilia
Jak vnímají image bank studenti

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the most significant components of the growth of bank performance. The basis of success is the customer who brings the bank returns. Also plays an important role image, which presents the bank towards its surroundings. The research focus...

Moraru, Andreea-Daniela
Consuption and cosumers in the present economic context

Due to the multiple interdependences emerged from the coalescence among consumer behaviour, economic and human behaviour, the vast interest in the study of consumer behaviour has led to important developments, the field being permanently enriched with new contributions. Nowadays cons...

Bednarz, Joanna
Building close relationships with customers: polish enterprises´ practice

The Pareto principle (the 80/20 Law) says that typically about 80% of revenue comes from just 20% of customers. It appears to make sense to concentrate most marketing resources on this group of buyers. It would be good if they were loyal. The purchasers' l...

Ircingová, Jarmila
Ohlédnutí za konferencí Trendy v podnikání 2012

Vacek, Jiří
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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12