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Mizin, Kostiantyn
KOLESNYK, Oleksandr (2016): Language and Myth: An Interdisciplinary Study. Chernihiv: Desna Polygraph.

Korostenski, Jiří
ZOLOTOVA, Marija Arkadjevna, KRAŠENNIKOVA, Julia Alexandrovna a POZDĚJEV, Vjačeslav Alexejevič (2015): Evoljucija etničeskich markerov vjatskich severnych i južnych etnokontaktnych zon. Kirov: OOO Raduga-PRESS, a.s.

Voltrová, Michaela
Cesty moderní lingvistiky a jejich reflexe v lingvodidaktice a ve vybraných učebnicích německého jazyka

The goal of this study is to demonstrate the relationship between new directions in linguistics in the 20th and 21st century and foreign language didactics. In addition, it explores materials for teaching German as a foreign language. The study asks the following questions: Is ...

Korostenski, Jiří
O současnosti a perspektivách kognitivní lingvistiky, lingvokonceptologie a pragmatické lingvistiky: rozhovor s předním odborníkem v oboru Konstiantynem Mizinem

Spáčilová, Libuše
Vývoj antroponym v bilingvním městě Olomouci a jeho okolí ve 13.-17. století

The development of anthroponyms in the Czech lands may be characterised as the development from one-word names to current names consisting of a first name and a fixed surname. The two-word name structure began to arise gradually in the second half of the 13th century. The...

Skopečková, Eva
Aplikovaná lingvistika: překonaný koncept nebo naopak pevně ukotvená disciplína?

“In fact, the field of AL has been plagued by self-doubt, identity crisis, and fear of fragmentation since very early on in its history.”† Nevertheless, despite that applied linguistics seems to be a very productive field and the term has been widely used in many contexts...

Mišterová, Ivona
Madijó? Madi Ágerikum: jazyk jako nositel kulturních hodnot v románu Arundhatí Royové Bůh maličkostí

The article explores multilingualism used in the novel by the Anglo-Indian writer Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things (1997). Language in the novel becomes a communication link between characters from different castes, whom, on the one hand, frees from traditional social and geog...

Pozdeev, Vjačeslav A.
Transformacija kul'turno-bytolych pealij i nominalij v etno-fol'klornom materiale XX veka

This article provides an analysis of the cultural and social realities of the twentieth century and their various nominations. The article reveals the changes of some words in the Russian language/slang used by the youth. These changes deal with the realities and vocabulary of...

Šaškova, Valentina Nikolaevna
Kategorija modal'nosti kak diskursivnaja charakteristika

The article presents an attempt at illustrating the assumption that modality is a text feature specific to a discourse type. The analysis of a selected defence closing argument and an opinion piece shows that texts of different discourse profiles with similar and/or identical ...

Křivancová, Michaela
Pojďte s námi do pohádky: (obraz pohádkových bytostí v české frazeologii)

This paper explores all manners of depicting fairy-tale characters in Czech phraseology and points out out what qualities, actions, states or conditions are usually attached to them. Idiomatic phrases are divided into 30 thematic classes and further structured semantically. The excerpted ite...

Letjučaja, Ljubov' , Skljarenko, Olesja
Slovoobrazoval'nye vozmožnosti kategorii ocsenki svoremennogo russkogo jazyka: (na primere strukturnych slov)

This article is a study into the ability and inability of structure words – namely prepositions, conjunctions, particles, interjections, parenthetic words, pronouns, numerals and linking verbs – to form evaluative derivatives. Although it is a verified fact that the category can be repr...

Korostenski, Jiří
Rod´ antropočenstizma v pročessnach ojazykovlenija ponjatij: (na materialach češsko-russkich sopostavlenij)

Turn in sciences that started in the 2nd half of the previous century spread into linguistics and changed many basic standards. One of them is introduction of principle and notion of anthropocentrism into linguistic studies. It turned out that many close to linguistics disciplines&...

Mizin, Kostiantyn
Perspectives for methodological symbiosis of linguo-pragmatics and linguo-conceptology in Ukraine

The purpose of this article is to examine the theoretical and methodological basis of (1) cognitive-communicative (linguo-didactics), (2) cognitive-communicative (linguistics) and (3) cognitive-discursive frameworks within the current Ukrainian research area to determine their paradigmatic status and to explore...

Korostenski, Jiří
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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14