West Bohemian Historical Review

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Šipla, Václav
Andrew ADONIS, Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill

Wanner, Michal
Filip PAULUS – Šárka STEINOVÁ České země uprostřed Evropy na mapách a plánech Národního archivu/ The Czech Lands in the Centre of Europe on Maps and Plans of the National Archives Praha/Prague, Národní archiv/National Archives 2022 ISBN 978-80-7469-125-6, 183 pp., illustrations, bibliography, glossary, list of names, local registry

Fronk, David
The Hiss Case

This study looks at the case of Alger Hiss, which became a hotly debated topic across all levels of American society after it emerged in summer 1948. In particular, it was the first big post-war story which opened up the issue of a possible communist&#x...

Tóth, Sándor Máté
Habsburg Rulers as Hungarian “National” Kings in György Pray’s Work Entitled Historia regum Hungariae stirpis Austriacae

The Historia regum Hungariae, the three-volume work by György Pray (1723–1801), Jesuit historian, was published in 1801. The third volume of the Historia discusses the historical events until the end of the reign of Maria Theresa, 1780. In addition, this first&...

Domonkos, Endre , Schlett, András
Inflation and Stabilisation in Central and Eastern Europe after World War II: The Case of Hungary

The Central and Eastern European countries were hit by severe devastation and destruction caused by World War II. Besides war damages, Eastern Europe also suffered from a general shortage of basic foodstuffs and commodities. Economic recovery in the defeated countri...