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Semerák, Jiří
Modernizace výuky slévárenství

The aim of the thesis is to create teaching aids, which were as realistic as possible to describe the working process in the production of cast iron castings with graphite (LLG). They will provide students with basic knowledge of foundry in an attractive form. The essence...

Hadi, Saleh , Azamat, Dzhonov
Decentralized application for lease/rent lodgings based on blockchain

This paper is devoted for a problem of storing a large data flow in decentralized applications based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides transparency and consistency of data but storing a large data stream in the Blockchain causes problems. This paper provides main&...

Sereda, Andżelika , Solecka, Anna
Uproszczony dydktyczny model układu słonecznego

This article is devoted to a simplified model of the Solar System. It contains information on how to handle didactics, as well as details on how to describe the program. He also presents his lifestyle related to classes.

Tsakoumagkou, Pinelopi
Theoretical approaches to the contibution of art in education

Art, especially art education, constitutes an integral part of education. Nowadays, engaging in art seems to take on increasing ground, incorporating innovative technologies, and being one of the key tools of transformative learning. This paper examines the contribution of art to personal&#x...

Kopecký, Miroslav
Reštauračné techniky použité pri obnove historického rádio prijímača

The thesis deals with the restoration of the historic radio receiver and the procedures that had to be used to preserve the radio and gradually restore it to the original state.