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Basov, Alexander Y. , Budak, Vladimir P. , Grimailo, Anton V.
The Role of Polarization in The Multiple Reflections Modeling

This article shows a new mathematical model for calculation of multiple reflections based on the Stokes vector and Mueller matrices. The global illumination equation and local estimations method were generalized on the polarization case. The results of the calculation of multiple reflections...

Trapp, Matthias , Pasewaldt, Sebastian , Döllner, Jürgen
Techniques for GPU-based Color Palette Mapping

This paper presents a GPU-based approach to color quantization by mapping of arbitrary color palettes to input images using Look-Up Tables (LUTs). For it, different types of LUTs, their GPU-based generation, representation, and respective mapping implementations are described and their run-time&#...

Blum, Sebastian , Cetin, Gokhan , Stuerzlinger, Wolfgang
Immersive Analytics Sensemaking on Different Platforms

In this work we investigated sensemaking activities on different immersive platforms. We observed user s during a classification task on a very large wall-display system (experiment I) and in a modern Virtual Reality headset (experiment II). In experiment II, we also evaluated a co...

Silva, Maycon Prado Rocha , De Martino, José Mario
Improving facial attraction in videos

The face plays an important role both socially and culturally and has been extensively studied especially in investigations on perception. It is accepted that an attractive face tends to draw and keep the attention of the observer for a longer time. Drawing and keeping the...

Lefkovits, Szidónia , Lefkovits, László , Szilágyi, László
CNN Approaches for Dorsal Hand Vein Based Identification

In this paper we present a dorsal hand vein recognition method based on convolutional neural networks (CNN). We implemented and compared two CNNs trained from end-to-end to the most important state-of-the-art deep learning architectures (AlexNet, VGG, ResNet and SqueezeNet). We applied the&#...

Hassina, Bouressace
Title Segmentation in Arabic Document Pages

Recent studies on text line segmentation have not focused on title segmentation in complex structure documents, which may represent the upper rows in each article of a document page. Many methods cannot correctly distinguish between the titles and the text, especially when it conta...

Khemmar, Redouane , Gouveia, Matthias , Decoux, Benoît , Ertaud, Jean-Yves
Real Time Pedestrian and Object Detection and Tracking-based Deep Learning. Application to Drone Visual Tracking

This work aims to show the new approaches in embedded vision dedicated to object detection and tracking for drone visual control. Object/Pedestrian detection has been carried out through two methods: 1. Classical image processing approach through improved Histogram Oriented Gradient (H...

Marin, Carlos , Chover, Miguel , Sotoca, Jose M.
Prototyping a game engine architecture as a multi-agent system

The game engines are one of the essential and daily used applications on the game development field. These applications are designed to assist in the creation of this type of contents. Nevertheless, their usage and development are very complex. Moreover, there are not many res...

Saddiqa, Mubashrah , Larsen, Birger , Magnussen, Rikke , Rasmussen, Lise L. , Pedersen, Jens M.
Open Data Visualization in Danish Schools: A Case Study

Increasingly public bodies and organizations are publishing Open Data for citizens to improve their quality of life and solving public problems. But having Open Data available is not enough. Public engagement is also important for successful Open Data initiatives. There is an increasing...

Möller, Jannis , Meyer, Benjamin , Eisemann, Martin
Porting A Visual Inertial SLAM Algorithm To Android Devices

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping aims to identify the current position of an agent and to map his surroundings at the same time. Visual inertial SLAM algorithms use input from visual and motion sensors for this task. Since modern smartphones are equipped with both needed ...

Karolyi, Matěj , Krejčí, Jan , Ščavnický, Jakub , Vyškovský, Roman , Komenda, Martin
Tools for development of interactive web-based maps: application in healthcare

Interactive visualisations on the Internet have become commonplace in recent years. Based on such publicly available visualisations, users can obtain information from various domains quickly and easily. A location specific method of data presentation can be much more effective using map visu...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11