Title: Videoinstalace
Authors: Lampír, Jakub
Advisor: Morávek Jan, MgA.
Referee: Husák Jan, Ing.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: diplomová práce
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/37387
Keywords: virtuální;realita;interaktivita;natáčení;video;motion capture;360° video;3d video;umění
Keywords in different language: virtual;reality;interactivity;video;motion capture;360° video;3d video
Abstract: AUdiovizuální dílo na hranici videa a interaktivní instalace ve virtuální realitě. Autor zde ověřuje možnosti použití tradičních technik natáčení audivozuálního materiálu pro médium virtuální reality.
Abstract in different language: Subject of this diploma thesis is video instalation in virtual reality. I have surveyed history of this new media, evaluated all posibilities of current technology and found a way to realize my vision. My goal was to create a compact art instalation, which will enable me to work with virtual reality as it was a series of captured sequences. My background is video creation, so at first I searched for an aproach than could utilize my exprerience. In the making of my instalation I gradually came to conclusion, that the most efficient way of creating content for virtual reality would be 3D modelling. I tried to use at least some features of video accuisition workflow, so I decided to use motion capture system to acquire complex human motion. This allowed me to skip animating and work with the material in a way that I am accustomed to. Final instalation is based on the idea, that truly immersive environment should utilize vast space modeled using both visual and audio element and alllow the viewer to freely walk and enjoy the experience. Alhough virtual reality typically enables users to interact with artificial world, my work is intentionaly passive. I want the viewer to fully pay attention and just be.
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