Title: Rozhodnutí v civilním řízení s akcentem na elektronický platební rozkaz
Other Titles: Decisions in civil proceedings with a focus on electronic payment order
Authors: Svobodová, Monika
Advisor: Rabanová, Helena
Referee: Wipplingerová, Miloslava
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: diplomová práce
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/7978
Keywords: civilní řízení;elektronický platební rozkaz;justice;elektronický spis
Keywords in different language: civil proceedings;central electronic payment order;judiciary;electronic file
Abstract: Tato práce nejdříve stručně uvádí, co je civilní řízení, formy jeho rozhodnutí, poté se podrobněji zaměřuje na problematiku elektronického platebního rozkazu, centrálního elektronického platebního rozkazu a elektronického spisu.
Abstract in different language: I chose the topic of my thesis "The decision in civil proceedings with an emphasis on electronic payment order", with regard to the field of law, which is close to my personal interest and, due to my work assignment, to my profession. Processing of this materia gave me a new perspective on the topic, I found a new problems that I have not yet met but the practice can always bring them, and elaboration of the topic may have prepared me to address them. I realize that due to the nature of the thesis, this cannot bring the detailed analysis of civil proceedings and forms of governance, which is why I only mentioned the main principles and forms of individual decisions in the course of judicial proceedings. I tried to focus more closely on the chosen topic, means and methodology of processing of the application for electronic payment order, including its latest version - a central electronic payment order, which is the first use of purely electronic court file management in the Czech judiciary, connected to the use of cooperation of the operator of postal services. At the end of my thesis, I also tried to assess whether the introduction of an electronic payment order had met the expectations expressed in the explanatory memorandum to the Act No. 123/2008 Coll. establishing this institute.
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