Katedra finančního práva a národního hospodářství / Department of Financial Law and National Management


Recent Submissions

Polomis, Václav
Insolvenční řízení a jeho důsledky pro plnění daňových a účetních povinností

The topic of thesis is insolvency proceedings and its consequences for the fulfillment of taxes and accountings obligations. The thesis aims to describe the current legal regulation of insolvency proceedings in relation to the fulfillment of taxes and accountings obligations from the po...

Yakimenka, Aliaksandr
Investiční fondy

In my diploma thesis I focused on the topic of investment funds in the Czech Republic. For comparative analysis I also analyzed the topic of investment funds in the United States and Luxembourg. Selected countries with its legal regimes are in many aspects world leaders a...

Procházka, Aleš
Vybrané daňově právní aspekty akvizic obchodních společností

This diploma thesis is focused on selected tax law aspects of acquisitions of companies. First, it focuses on the distinction between the concepts of merger and acquisition and the related legal regulation. It further divides acquisitions into two main denominators, capital and property...

Grossmannová, Gabriela
Podvody na DPH v judikatuře SDEU a NSS

The thesis describes the principle, meaning and practical aspects of value added tax, ("VAT"), its advantages and disadvantages for the state, for VAT payer and for citizens. The harmonising of this tax in the European Union has been highlighted, described the basic legislatio...

Černohorský, Tomáš
Právní a ekonomické aspekty v obchodování investičních nástrojů

This diploma thesis analyzes the legal and economic aspects of trading in investment instruments in more detail. The main goal is to present the historical development of financial market regulation and supervision and its possible future direction with the current level of ...