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Železná, Kateřina
Vimperk v období 1968-1989

The diploma thesis describes the history of the town of Vimperk from 1968 to 1989, which are the main milestones in the history of the Czechoslovak Republic. In each chapter we focus on society, sports, education and industry in the city of Vimperk. It also deals wit...

Kabourek, Jakub
Chodsko v didaktických aplikacích ve vyučování na ZŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the examination of selected chapters of the history of Chodsko. In the given issue, I analyzed the individual periods of human history that influenced the historical development of this area. In my work I also focused on the application of se...

Pavezová, Markéta
Historie Nýřanska ve vyučování na 1.stupni ZŠ.

This diploma thesis focuses on the history of the Nýřany region and on the possibilities of using local history resources for teaching in primary schools. The first, theoretical part includes the history of the Nýřany region from prehistoric settlements to...

Glazer, Tomáš
Kapitoly ze školství českých krajanů v rumunském Banátu

The thesis is about selected chapters from education of Czech compatriots in Romanian Banat. The beginning is about colonization of Banat by Czech colonizers and about historical development of school in Gârnic. Large part of the work relates to people, who studied there. There...

Kalinová, Michaela
Regionální dějiny v didaktických aplikacích

This diploma thesis deals with the history of Pilsen's regional architecture and its changes according to artistic styles from the oldest to the contemporary. The introduction acquaints the reader with the character of the Pilsen region, in which three specifics are selected, accord...

Trojanec, Matěj
Sport a tělesná výchova v osudech vybraných historických osobností

My long-term interest in the history of sport helped to create an interesting concept which tries to offer a slightly different view of historical topics. Its goal is to cover historical topics which have an indisputable connection with any physical preparation and subsequently&#x...

Trnka, Michal
Pravěk v regionálních dějinách - severní Plzeňsko

This diploma thesis focuses on the prehistoric settlement of the northern Pilsen region especially on the prehistoric cultures that took turns in the region during decades. The obtained and processed information can be used to as a supplement and variegation of history teaching for...

Topitschová, Petra
Vlastivědné didaktické inspirace v Tachově pro 5. ročník ZŠ.

The thesis is divided into two pivotal parts. The first part focuses on the history of the town Tachov. The content of the second part of the thesis concerns about didactic activities that can be used in Science classes in the 5th grade of primary school. The en...

Denková, Markéta
Pochody smrti na Tachovsku - didaktické využití tématu na 2. stupni ZŠ

There are many publications dealing with the theme of death marches. Fewer of them map the death marches in Tachov region, the main reason for this is the lack of sources. The original documents from which the information could be obtained are preserved just very little,&...

Jandová, Barbora
Berounsko v letech 1945 - 1968

The thesis deals with the events that took place between the years 1945-1968 in a small region called Berounsko. The thesis describes the post-war development of the region, the February coup and society in the 50s and 60s years. The conclusion of this thesis is devoted&#...

Lang, Martin
Didaktické metody pro výuku tématu osvobození západních Čech americkou armádou v roce 1945

The diploma thesis deals with didactic grasp of the topic of liberation of West Bohemia by the US Army in 1945. The thesis contains basic facts necessary for creating an adequate theoretical basis of the teacher and subsequently deals with didactic possibilities in teaching th...

Malecha, Petr
Aplikace moderních technologií při vyučování dějepisu na ZŠ

In the thesis I deal with applications of modern technologies in the teaching of history in Czech primary education. I deal with historical developments in the field of integration of modern technologies into education. I dedicate space to terminology and theoretical problems that ...

Kreuzerová, Jaroslava
Lidová tradice a folklór Klatovska ve vyučování dějepisu a vlastivědy

The diploma thesis deals with the general characteristics of selected holidays during the year and the traditions associated with them. This general characteristic is complemented by oral-historical research mapping the specific manifestations of observance of these traditions in specific families...

Svoboda, Lukáš
Výměna obyvatelstva a majetkové změny v Plesné v letech 1945-1948

This diploma thesis was dedicated to the exchange of the citizens and the property changes connected to it in Plesná in the years 1945-1948. The aim of this piece of work was the attempt of the descriptive viewpoint on this issue. From the point of view of the&#...

Hálková, Lenka
Experimentální archeologie - doba laténská ve vyučování dějepisu

The diploma thesis introduces the experimental archaeology and explains its use in teaching at the higher primary schools and lower grammar schools. The first chapter is focused on terminology and development of the experimental archaeology. The second chapter introduces the La Tene per...

Pacáková, Klára
Těškov v letech 1945 - 1989

This thesis is about the history of the village Těškov. The main part is focused on the years 1945 - 1989. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter summarizes life in Těškov during World War II. The next chapters describe events in Těškov in ...

Ticháčková, Dana
Projektové vyučování ve vlastivědě

This diploma thesis is engaged in project learning and its use in elementary school. Project learning, beside traditional frontal learning , departed from stable learning methods and processes in Czech education. Because of concrete example of a project in elementary school engaged in&#...

Heicl, Jakub
Průmysl západočeské metropole - industrializace historické Plzně

This thesis aims to compare industry development in various historical periods of the Pilsen city. Thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical section, I deal mainly with concepts and theories related to the subject. In the practical part, I focus...

Acar, Lenka
Dějiny kosmonautiky

The thesis is divided into theoretical part and didactic applications. The theoretical part is divided into the development of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the work deals with the cosmic program and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The author has not neglected the influenc...

Pánek, Petr
Využití médií při výuce dějepisu

This diploma thesis tries to deal with the theme of media in history education.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 164