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Januska, Martin , Palacka, Alena
Critical success factors for public procurement of innovative solutions in Central Europe: Empirical study

This article aims to evaluate critical success factors in the use of the Public Procurement for Innovations (PPI) concept. The first part of the article deals with a systematic research literature review on the topic of critical success factors for PPI. In the second part,...

Kubak, Matus , Nemec, Peter , Stefko, Robert , Volosin, Marcel
On competition and transparency in public procurement during the COVID-19 pandemic in the European Union

Government expenditures on acquiring services, goods, and work through public procurement represent a substantial proportion of the EU’s GDP. Competitive and transparent tendering procedures are generally believed to promote achieving the primary goals of public procurement: maximising value&#...

Baloun, Ladislav
Úvod do problematiky replikační krize ve vědě: a jak je na tom kinantropologie?

Kornatovská, Zuzana
Analýza efektů intenzívního outdoorového herního programu pro sportovce organizovaných ve speciálních olympiádách

Svobodová, Zora
Řešení involuce jako hra