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Slowík, Josef , Káňová, Šárka , Kurfiřtová, Zuzana , Eliášová, Bohumíra , Kulichová, Radka , Pražáková, Markéta , Dietzová, Kateřina
Metodické materiály pro práci s žáky se SVP v uměleckém vzdělávání ‒ taneční obor

Methodological materials prepared within the project Support of Art Education for Equal Opportunities, Reg. No. of the project: CZ.02.3.62 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_037 / 0004850. General and branch introductions are part of the methodological materials, which form a three-part un...

Štreimikienė, Dalia , Mikalauskienė, Asta , Sturienė, Urtė , Kyriakopoulos, Grigorios L.
The impact of social media on sales promotion in entertainment companies

Social networks including various social media are one of the main online marketing tools that help to achieve marketing aims of the company. Most of social media overlap and have more than one characteristic, aim or purpose. It should be noted that interaction, user-friendliness,&...

Zanker, Marek , Bureš, Vladimír , Cierniak-Emerych, Anna , Nehéz, Martin
The GDPR at the organizational level: a comparative study of eight European countries

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the ‘gold standard’ or the ‘Magna Carta’ of cyber laws, is a European regulation that deals with rights in the area of privacy and focuses on data collection, storage and data processing. This manuscript presents the result...

Veselovská, Lenka , Závadský, Ján , Bartková, Lucie
Consumer behaviour changes during times of the covid-19 pandemic: an empirical study on Slovak consumers

The humankind finds itself facing unparalleled situation since the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 created significant changes in societies worldwide. This paper aims to assess the initial response of consumers in the Slovak Republic during the early stages of the outbreak and emerge...

Zdražil, Pavel , Kraftová, Ivana
Indirect estimation of the development of capital productivity in the regions: the case of Poland

This study introduces a new (adopted) method of indirect estimation of the development of the productivity structure in the regions, which at the same time allows estimation of the contribution resulting from changes within the capital factor. Its theoretical background is built on ...