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Kroupa, Oldřich
Computer simulation of induction crucible furnace with supplementary construction element

In this paper the author deals with computer simulation which follows from the requirement of practice. Electromagnetic field distribution around a crucible induction furnace and changes in the distribution of this field using additional structural element (flat short-circuit thread) are solved&#...

Hamar, Roman , Kropík, Petr , Šroubová, Lenka
Induced losses in linear equipment buried near an overhead power line

This work focused on the influence of an overhead power line on buried linear equipment (cable, pipeline). Its aim was to analyze the volumetric losses in buried linear equipment as a function of the distance from an overhead power line. The computations were performed numeric...

Síťař, Vladislav
Simulation of electrical lines with distributed parameters in the program Dynast

This article deals with possibilities of electrical lines simulations. Two variants of simulation are introduced and described. Next, the article deals with the issues of electrical lines simulations, structure and usage of these models in the program simulations. Processes of actives quanti...

Rieger, David
New method for preparation of nanomaterial powders

This paper deals with relatively new method for preparation of micro and nanomaterial powders. This method is based on replacement of conventional solvents for hydrothermal and solvotermal synthesis of nanomaterials with molten mixture of alkaline hydroxides. This method is efficient ...

Király, Jozef , German - Sobek, Martin , Zbojovský, Ján , Pavlík, Marek
Biomass usage in CHP units

This article deals with overview of biomass usage in combined heat and power units (CHP). The aim of the paper is to explain fundamentals of CHP units and heat and power generation with these units. Article deals also with basic requirements for connecting these blocks in...

Zbojovský, Ján , Hocko, Pavol , Pavlík, Marek , Király, Jozef
Operation of hydropower plants in Slovakia

This paper deals about hydropower plants in Slovakia. Hydropower is the most used renewable energy source for electricity in the Slovak Republic. Hydro potential of rivers is used to generate electrical energy, which is permanently renewing and inexhaustible primary energy source.

Kušnír, Stanislav , Jakubčák, Roman , Hocko, Pavol
Possibilities of power flows control

This article deals with special equipments set to power flows control in power systems. There is analyzed eleven nodes network, where is shown regulation of power flows in software package NEPLAN. With the constant increasing electricity consumption, the transmission system operators&...

Tesařová, Miloslava
Network configuration impact on during-fault voltage in distribution systems

The changes in the supply network configuration can significantly influence the voltage at individual sites during fault events. The main mitigation method against interruptions is the installation of redundant components (parallel feeders, loop system, multiple sources). But the redundant components&...

Síťař, Vladislav
Simulation of non-linear load

This paper introduces one possible way to create of nonlinear loads in DYNAST program. Processes that are carried out when doing this creation are described. Next, the paper approaches possible faults that occur when creating particular network elements in DYNAST. At the end, harmo...

Novák, Matúš , Hocko, Pavol , German - Sobek, Martin , Hrinko, Marián
Models of renewable energy sources for grid analysis

This paper describes models of renewable sources suitable for studying theirs interactions with the power system. These models are used in simulation software, like PSLF, Neplan, Modes, or SimPower Systens.

Hvizdoš, Marek , Tkáč, Ján
Operation of distributed energy sources

Hocko, Pavol , Petráš, Jaroslav , Novák, Matúš , Zbojovský, Ján
Impact of the renewable energy sources on long-term dynamic in the Slovak power system

Raková, Lenka , Škorpil, Jan
Influence of photovoltaic power system on environment in the Czech Republic

Veleba, Jan
Voltage control of distribution networks with photovoltaic power sources

Kouba, Daniel
Simplified assessment of connectivity of photovoltaic power plants in the low voltage networks

Bělík, Milan
Fire risks of photovoltaic systems

Medveď, Dušan
Residual heat utilization of photovoltaic cells

Benešová, Hana , Škorpil, Jan
Some results from research and development of thin-film photovoltaic cells

German - Sobek, Martin , Király, Jozef , Novák, Matúš , Hrinko, Marián
New trends in photovoltaic

Jakubčák, Roman , Kušnír, Stanislav , Katin, Matúš
Possibilities of using solar energy

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24