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Berenyi, Richard
Mechanical scope of a laser micro-machined flexible substrate

A new 3-D laser micromachining method of 3-D flexible structures has been introduced to enhance the current micromachining technology. The machining is carried out with a simple 2D movement of the laser beam on the work piece. This method can be applied for machining 3-D ...

Brančík, Lubomír
Numerical ILTs applied to weakly nonlinear systems described by second-order volterra series

In the paper the techniques of numerical inverse Laplace transforms (NILTs) are applied to get the time-domain responses of some classes of weakly nonlinear systems. It is enabled by expanding a response of the system into the Volterra series in connection with the multidimensional...

Brutscheck, M. , Schmidt, B. , Franke, M. , Schwarzbacher, Th. , Becker, St.
Analysis of unknown nonlinear integrated circuits

The analysis of unknown integrated circuits (ICs) has become very important over the last decade. In this context different invasive and non invasive procedures have been developed. However, destructive procedures are not suitable because they always damage the IC under investigation. Non&#x...

Burian, Lukáš , Martínek, Pravoslav
First order current-mode universal building block

This paper deals with design of second generation current conveyor and transconductance amplifier for the 1st order current-mode universal building block. The universal building block is able to provide transfer of high-pass and low-pass in one circuit. With the multi-output CCII and OT...

Barda, Bohumil , Macháč, Petr
Reactions of nickel-based ohmic contacts with n-type 4H silicon carbide

We directly compared three nickel-based metallizations on Si-face of n-type 4H-SiC: pure nickel and nickel silicides prepared by the evaporation of nickel and silicon layers with overall composition corresponding to NiSi and Ni2Si. The degree of interaction between the metallizations and sil...

Novák, Tomáš , Starý, Jiří , Steiner, František , Stejskal, Petr
Solderability dependence on surface roughness

The article deals with results of solderability testing of printed circuit boards. The wetting balance test was used for solderability testing. This test makes wetting force measurement possible as a function of time. Measured values are recorded automatically. Surface roughness is one ...

Prajzer, Václav , Lyutakov, Oleksiy , Veselý, Tomáš , Hüttel, Ivan , Machač, Petr , Jeřábek, Vítězslav
Designed and fabrication of ENR polymer rib optical waveguides

We report about design, fabrication and properties of the Epoxy Novolak Resin (ENR) polymer rib optical waveguides. Polymer waveguides were fabricated on silicon substrate with silica buffer layer and Epoxy novolak resin was used as the waveguide core material. Polymethylmethacrylate was use...

Raschman, Emil , Ďuračková, D.
FPGA implementation of digital cellular neural network

This paper deals with hardware implementation of Digital CNN network in FPGA. We have implemented using the XILINX ISE development kit and the XC5VFX30T chip. The implementation in the FPGA has various advantages. The main advantage is the flexibility – simple modification of the&#...

Hezinová, V. , Svobodová, I. , Lišková, M. , Přikryl, J. , Klepárník, K. , Foret, F.
CDTE quantum dots – preparation, physico-chemical properties and application as fluorescent markers

A set of water-soluble CdTe quantum dots (QDs) was prepared by the chemical reaction between cadmium chloride and sodium hydrogen telluride in the presence of 3-mercaptopropionic acid (MPA). QDs were characterized using fluorescence spectroscopy, lifetime measurements, slab-gel and capillary electroph...

Dimonte, A. , Demarchi, D. , Civera, P. , Piccinini, P.
NanoLab system for sanoelectronics and sensors

Aim of this work is to study and to realize new structures for nanoelectronic devices and for sensor applications. The idea is to start from a basic nanostructure for electronic devices, nanogaps, to generalize its concept for the implementation of a general complete system, b...

Janíček, Vladimír , Husák, Miroslav
Resonant structures for energy microgenerator

There is a concept of self-powered devices using micro generator for energy production. These small power sources can be implemented into physical isolated devices like remote sensors chains etc. One part of this complex system is a resonant structure working on piezoelectric principle....

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11