Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology


Recent Submissions

Svozilová, Simona
Možná rizika při práci s kovovým práškem u 3D tisku

The bachelor's thesis deals with the risks of using metal powder for 3D printing. Above all, the attention is directed to the dustiness in their searched laboratory. The work describes changes in laboratory equipment and uses protective equipment to reduce the risks associated ...

Kruliš, Martin
Nástroje systému Sinumerik pro řízení posuvové rychlosti a jejich praktické využití

The bachelor thesis examines the influence of Sinumerik system tools for feed rate control and their practical use. It describes the basic principle of operation of the CNC machine, feed control, acceleration behavior, interpolators and feed drives. The characteristics of the displacements&#...

Žáková, Kristýna
Metrologický konfirmační systém podniku

The bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of metrological regulations in a medium-sized engineering company. The theoretical part consists of an analysis of the requirements of standards, determining the accuracy of measurement results and the methodology of compiling the metrological rul...

Thurnvald, Petr
Náhrada menších svařovaných konstrukcí 3D tiskem

The bachelor thesis contains basic theoretical knowledge in the field of additive technologies with a focus on PBF-SLM (DMLS) and basic knowledge in hardfacing technology. The theoretical part deals with a component made of two materials, one of which is printed. In some cases,...

Bakir, Yusuf
Investigation of SLM process Phenomena by means of In Situ Monitoring Systems

General scope of this work was to observe and investigate some of the phenomena that are taking place during Selective Laser Melting process. The SLM process is very complicated and its premise is near limitless geometrical freedom during manufacturing. ...