Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology

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Přibíková, Petra
Návrh kritérií pro hodnocení dodavatelů dle kvality

This thesis provides evaluation of current criteria for rating of suppliers in a production company. There are certain quality based criteria designed to be introduced into existing company documents.

Laudát, Vít
Tvorba technické části katalogu fréz

The bachelor thesis describes the basic ways of milling and indicates their appropriate use.

Hamberger, Adam
Technologie výroby a návrh vložky válce maloobjemového motocyklu

This work deals with cylinder Jawa 50 in order to maximize of power characteristics. After technical details detection of the original cylinder was in motion the technical design of the cylinder liner to racing use of the motorcycle. Except the technical design deals this work...

Blumentrit, Tomáš
Aktualizace školení BOZP v kovoobrábění pro účely výuky

Bachelor thesis contains all necessary information regarding safety and health. Training students and staff. Presentation of the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of machining technology. Evaluation prior to the KTO and draft training for students in the classroom in industrial labor...

Mrázek, Martin
Optimalizace parametrů laseru pro značení SK a Cermetu

The work deals with the change of surface quality using a laser mar-king. The review part describes the theory of the laser marking and the theory of surface roughness measurement. In the experimental part were made three measurements. The effort was to find the para-meters&#x...