Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology


Recent Submissions

Bublík, Ondřej
Konstrukce upínacího přípravku pro skupinu konstrukčních dílců v SW Catia V5

This thesis contains several methods of designing special fixtures. Thesis is focused on construction special fixture for our part. The model of the fixture is made in software Catia V5.

Bendl, Václav
Systém vyhodnocení chyb v kontrolních listech

This bachelor thesis is focused on the quality control of the process in the pre-production phase of refrigeration and deep-freezing cabinets at company Hauser s.r.o. The aim is to design a functional system of continuous improvement and to eliminate the errors arising in stage...

Sýkora, Jindřich
Aditivní technologie v oblasti modelů letadel

Building airplane models is an ideal domain for learning basics of engineering as well as for finding new engineering solutions which can be later used in industrial applications. Modern additive technologies have the potential to simplify and accelerate making of these models. Th...

Šindelář, Ondřej
Dokončovací soustružení titanových slitin

Aim of this bachelor thesis is analyzing current situation in the machining of titanium alloys. In the theoretical part were described characteristics of titanium alloys and features affecting machinability. Attention was paid to description of technology of several chosen tooling companies. ...

Bulín, Petr
Studie způsobilosti procesu výroby na CNC obráběcích strojích ve společnosti ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ s.r.o.

Bacheleor thesis is about process capability of the production in the company ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ s.r.o. The result of this bachelor thesis are capability indexes Cm, Cmk, Cp, Cpk