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Recent Submissions

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Štípková, Martina
The perinatal loss care educational programme and its evaluation

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Bužgová, Radka , Vejvodová, Jana
Perinatal palliative care education: An integrative review

The aim of this review was to analyze the effectiveness of teaching healthcare professionals in perinatal palliative care, methods of evaluating the teaching, and the teaching strategies used. Design:An integrative review. Methods: A systematic search was conducted for English language peer ...

Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Bártlová, Sylva , Ratislavová, Kateřina
The quality of life of women in puerperium – the introduction of the mother-generated index (MGI) questionnaire

The period of puerperium is a critical and transformational period in the life of every woman, newborn and new family on a physical, psychological and social level. Study design: Descriptive review study. Goal: The goal of this article is to present the Mother-Generated Index ...

Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka , Horová, Jana
The prevention of healthcare associated urinary tract infections from the point of view of nursing care

The goal of this study was to summarize the conclusions of the studies on the efficiency of measures regarding the prevention of healthcare associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and to focus on the specifics of nursing care in this area. The included studies and articles...

Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka
Možnosti vzdělávání v problematice prevence infekcí močových cest a související s katetrizací močového měchýře

Urinary tract infections account for about one-third of Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI). More than 80% of these infections are due to an established urinary catheter (Carter et al., 2014; Jindrák et al., 2014; Powers, 2016; Underwood, 2015; Yatim et al., 2016), the risk of u...