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Kalvas, František , Váně, Jan , Basl, Josef
Postoj vedení strojírenských podniků v Plzeňském kraji k pracovní síle v kontextu zavádění Průmyslu 4.0

The article investigates the attitudes of the management of medium and large engineering companies in the Plzen region to their workforces, and attempts to estimate the extent to which the advent of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) poses a threat to ordinary employees. A questionnaire survey&#x...

Fritzová, Marie , Váně, Jan , Kalvas, František
Výzkum rozvoje klíčových kompetencí souvisejících s požadavky čtvrté průmyslové revoluce u vysokoškolských studentů na Fakultě pedagogické Západočeské univerzity v Plzni

The present study focuses on the phenomenon called Industry 4.0 and on research conducted at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, which assesses the readiness of students of the Faculty of Education to function in the so-called Society 4.0. The main research question of&#...

Řezáč, Karel
The Concept of Capability Approach and Its Implications Strengthening the Humanity of (not only) Social Work

In today’s world we are increasingly confronted with the idea that success is expressed in numbers and material wealth. Deeper human values are somehow losing signifi cance and prestige. The risks of such a situation are obvious at fi rst sight. Those who are not economic...

Švantner, Martin
Inferring Ears: Cognitive Semiotics and Musical Anthroposemiosis

This paper draws attention to two important and fruitful anecdotes from history useful for the development of a cognitive semiotic approach to music. The first is from Peirce’s writings, describing a complete structural change of understanding, perception and listening to music. Peirce ...

Glajchová, Alena
"It is better to treat a Vietnamese woman than a Czech": Strange interactions between healthcare professionals and women in the context of perinatal care

The periods of pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother are some of the most important moments in a woman's life - and they are usually experienced within a healthcare institution. However, contact with the healthcare system during these periods can bring a number of di...

Váně, Jan , Dirga, Lukáš
The prison chaplain as a part of penitentiary care? Transformation of the Czech prison system after the fall of communism

The prison system in the Czech Republic has been carrying out a reform process since the end of the communist regime, and has gone through more than 30 years of transformation, based on an effort to make it a modern European correctional system. Part of this change&#...

Váně, Jan
Merit versus Necessity: Housing First and its Forms in Practice

The aim of the present study is to illustrate the process of putting the Housing First concept into practice in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic and the unintended consequences associated with it. The research is based on ethnographic methods and involved not only...

Váně, Jan
Masaryk, Weber, and the Czech situation from the Norwegian perspective: an interview with Pål Veiden

Hrešanová, Ema , Glajchová, Alena
Staré a cizí: Zranitelnost a intersekcionalita ve zdravotní péči

This paper seeks to understand what constitutes vulnerability among healthcare users in relations and social interactions with their healthcare providers. While many authors see vulnerability as an intersection of more or less permanent categories, such as gender, sexuality, social class, or ...

Kobes, Tomáš
O sociologické imaginaci

This article discusses the controversy of the sociological imagination as it was developed by Charles Wright Mills and its relevance for the current epistemology of social science. His notion of the sociological imagination has several problems due to the unreflected general prejudice d...

Pařízková, Alena , Clausen, Jette Aaroe
Women on the move: A search for preferred birth services

Background: Women and midwives travel long distances, or abroad, to receive or provide birth services. Travel for birth services is not represented in the existing literature, despite the wide scale research available on medical travel. Aim: We explored the perspectives of women who...

Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava
Places of (in)visibility. LGB aging and the (im)possibilities of coming out to others

Middle and older age are usually ignored in the studies of the processes of coming out. This paper analyses the opportunities, and also the barriers which aging brings to the possibility of articulating one's own sexual identity in relation to others. It presents the life-...

Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava
Sexualita a stárnutí - průsečíky ticha. Využití intersekcionálního přístupu při studiu zkušenosti stárnutí LGBT osob

Issues of sexuality have been considerably under-studied in the analysis of later life in social gerontology. Sexual identity was considered to have a minor impact on life and social inequalities in old age. Consequently, the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older&#...

Glajchová, Alena
Rekonceptualizace pojmu zranitelnosti a jeho užití coby analytického nástroje

This paper focuses on the notion of vulnerability and its conceptualization in the scientific sphere. The concept of vulnerability is used frequently, but its explanation and definition is vague and insufficient. The main purpose of this paper is to point out the limitations of...

Krčál, Petr
HÁJEK, Martin (2014): Čtenář a stroj. Vybrané metody sociálněvědní analýzy textů. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství

Kalvas, František , Váně, Jan
Zvyšuje religiozitu míra deprivace? Případová studie plzeňských bezdomovců

We investigate the religiosity of homeless persons in Pilsen. We also test the validity of deprivation theory in the Czech environment, i.e. we test the assumption that people exposed to long-term forms of deprivation have the tendency to incline to some form of r...

Lužný, Dušan , Váně, Jan
Jsme více naplněni rezignací než imaginací: rozhovor s profesorem Dušanem Lužným

Váně, Jan , Kalvas, František
Obsahová analýza použití pojmů hidžáb, burka a nikáb v českém denním tisku v letech 1996-2013

This study is based on the assumption that our understanding of reality, i.e. Islam in this case, is primarily shaped by the mass media: it is the mass media that create value frameworks which help us understand not only the individual key terms of everyday&#...

Dirga, Lukáš
Rozhovor s Dr. Miroslavem Scheinostem, ředitelem Institutu pro kriminologii a sociální prevenci

Dirga, Lukáš
Jak se mluví za mřížemi: (tajná) mluva odsouzených v českých zemích

This text focuses on the changing functions of prison language used by inmates in Czech prisons with a stress on its cryptic function. The data presented in this paper are based on original ethnographic research conducted in Czech prisons. The data for analysis we...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38