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Schauer, Pavel
Noise spectroscopy of shallow traps in CdTe crystals

We introduce the noise traps spectroscopy, which is a method of material characterization. This method makes it possible to localize the shallow traps and find out their parameters. It is based on the measurement of the current noise spectral density versus temperature plots for&#x...

Pekárek, Jan , Háze, Jiří , Pavlík, Michal , Vrba, Radimír
A novel laboratory anodic bonding device for MEMS applications

The article deals with a novel laboratory anodic bonding device. This device is used for MEMS creation. The anodic bonding is a method for joining glass with silicon. It is one of the important steps of MEMS components packaging. The bonding mechanism joins the glass and&...

Žák, Pavel , Tučan, Marek , Kudláček, Ivan
Combined accelerated climatic tests of electrically conductive adhesives

Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) are one of the relatively new and quickly expanding replacements for the use of classic lead-based solders in the electronics industry. However this expansion comes at a cost – and one of the most important aspects of this cost is the&#...

Valenta, Milan , Martínek, Pravoslav
Advanced design and optimization of current mode blocks

This article deals with the topology modifications and the optimization of the current mode building blocks for an analog part of the video signal (HDTV) preprocessing unit. The blocks of our interest are the Current Conveyor (CCII) as the basic functional block for current mo...

Trčka, Tomáš , Koktavý, Pavel
Electromagnetic and acoustic emission signals continual measurement and real time processing

Stochastic electromagnetic and acoustic emission signals may be observed when the solid dielectric materials are mechanically stressed. Study of these signals may be used for indication of micro-crack formation in stressed materials. This paper describes the methodology, which was developed speci...

Prajzler, Václav , Lyutakov, Oleksiy , Tůma, Jiří , Hüttel, Ivan , Špirková, Jarmila , Svorčík, Václav , Jeřábek, Vítězslav
Design, Fabrication and Measurement Polymethylmethacrylate Optical Waveguides Prepared by Modification of Surface Profile by Applying Electric Field

In this paper, we describe results of our recent experiments on electric field preparation of the optical waveguides on PMMA films, their calculation and measurements. Planar PMMA films were prepared on Si/SiO2 wafers and measured using waveguiding technique. Micro-sized patterns were c...

Pavlík, Michal , Magát, Martin , Zapletal, Petr
Evaluation of the delta-sigma modulator coefficients by genetic algorithm

The article deals with real aspects of the Delta-Sigma modulator (DSM) coefficients design by genetic algorithm (GA). There are described conventional methods of the coefficients design and limitations of the ideal value reaching due to qualities of the real circuits. The restriction mu...

Novák, Tomáš , Steiner, František
Effect of thermal stress and constitution of lead-free soldering alloys on creation and growth of IMC

This article deals with intermetallic layers which occure at the interface between solder and soldered material. To eliminate hazardous materials, only lead-free alloys, excluding special exemptions, are used today, not only in the Europe Union. Therefore, observing of creation of intermetallic&#...

Kopecký, Martin , Chvátal, Miloš , Sedláková, Vlasta
Charge carrier transport in Ta2O5 oxide nanolayers

The paper will present the modeling of charge transport in Ta2O5 nanolayers together with experimental verification of the model. MIS structure model for tantalum capacitors with conducting polymer cathode will be described on the base of the leakage current analysis. Ta205 films show&#...

Jeřábek, Vítězslav , Prajzler, Václav , Bušek, Karel , Arciniega, J. A.
Design and construction of a WDM transceiver with VHGT using hybrid integration technology

We report about design and construction of WDM bidirectional transceiver module (TRx) for the passive optical network (PON) of a fiber to the home FTTH topology. The TRx uses a microoptics hybrid integration technology with volume holographic Bragg grating triplex filter (VHGT) and ...

Faktorová, Dagmar , Isteníková, Katarína
Unambiguous Assessment of Solid Materials Dielectric Constant at Microwave Frequencies

The paper presents the effect of carbon powder admixture added to the volume of dielectric slab at its absorbingproperties. A practical method for dielectric constant determination with fully unknown dielectric properties of new material formed from basic dielectric material and carbon admix...

Bouřa, Adam , Husák, Miroslav
Universal test bench for characterization of distance-measuring and strain sensors

Following text describes a universal test bench that can be used for characterization of the sensors. It offers sufficient distance and force ability to characterize a wide sort of the sensors. It is suitable for precise distance setting. It is able to set the distance in...

Adámek, Martin , Řezníček, Michal , Adámková, A.
The simple thermodynamic sensors for process monitoring in milk production

The thermodynamic sensors (TDS) can be used for characterization and monitoring of thermal processes in thermodynamic systems. The basic idea of thermodynamic sensor is possible to use in many various applications. One of application areas, where the thermodynamic sensor can find the ne...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13