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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accurate Density-Weighted Convolution for Point-Mass Filter and PredictorDuník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej; Matoušek, Jakub; Brandner, Marek
2019Calculation of Support Function for Fusion Under Partial KnowledgeAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej
2021Comparison of Confidence Sets Designs for Various Degrees of KnowledgeAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej
2020Conditional Density Driven Grid Design in Point-Mass FilterDuník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej; Matoušek, Jakub
2021Cooperative Unscented Kalman Filter with Bank of Scaling Parameter ValuesDuník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej; Hanebeck, Uwe D.
2022Copula-based convolution for fast point-mass predictionDuník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej; Matoušek, Jakub; Blasch, Erik
2019Covariance Estimation and Gaussianity Assessment for State and Measurement NoiseDuník, Jindřich; Kost, Oliver; Straka, Ondřej; Blasch, Erik
2019Decentralised estimation with correlation limited by optimal processing of independent dataAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej
2019Decentralized and Distributed Active Fault Diagnosis for Stochastic Systems with Indirect ObservationsStraka, Ondřej; Punčochář, Ivo
2020Decentralized and Distributed Active Fault Diagnosis: Multiple Model Estimation AlgorithmsStraka, Ondřej; Punčochář, Ivo
2020Density Difference Grid Design in a Point-Mass FilterMatoušek, Jakub; Duník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej
2020Design of Confidence Sets for Estimation with Approximate Piecewise Linear ConstraintAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej
2019Design of Rao-Blackwellized Point-Mass Smoother for Conditionally Linear and Gaussian ModelsDuník, Jindřich; Straka, Ondřej
2020Distributed Active Faults Diagnosis for Systems with Conditionally Dependent FaultsStraka, Ondřej; Punčochář, Ivo
2022Distributed design for active fault diagnosisStraka, Ondřej; Punčochář, Ivo
2020Estimation of Parameters of Gaussian Sum Distributed Noises in State-Space ModelsDuník, Jindřich; Kost, Oliver; Straka, Ondřej
2020Evaluation of Confidence Sets for Estimation with Piecewise Linear ConstraintAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej
2020Hierarchical Active Fault Diagnosis for Stochastic Large Scale Systems with Coupled FaultsStraka, Ondřej; Punčochář, Ivo
2021Improved Calibration of Numerical Integration Error in Sigma-Point FiltersPrüher, Jakub; Karvonen, Toni; Oates, Christopher James; Straka, Ondřej; Särkkä, Simo
2020Inverse Covariance Intersection Fusion of Multiple EstimatesAjgl, Jiří; Straka, Ondřej