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Legát, Vojtěch
Rekonstrukce kondenzační turbíny na protitlakou

The thesis deals with a reconstruction of a turbine with condenser into a back pressure turbine. First of all the heat balance diagram (HBD) is calculated according to entered values. Based on the calculated HBD the flow part is designed and a basic strenght check is ...

Janeček, Martin
Retrofit parní turbíny 120 MW

The goal of this diploma thesis is to design retrofit of a single body steam turbine with axial exit to the condenser. To design flow section and perform strength analysis.

Hudec, Ondřej
Návrh parní turbíny pro spalovny odpadů

An analysis of specific requirements for functional units resulting from the application in incineration plant with emphasis on the steam turbine. Subsequently, design of two possible variants of steam turbines is made with identical boundary conditions, but different rotor speeds. Finally, ...

Švejnoha, Marek
Proudění teplonosného oleje při předehřevu lisovací formy

The aim of the thesis is to analyse a flow and heat transfer of oil during preheating of a compression mould for injection moulding. The analysis was carried out by numerical simulation. The theoretical part of the thesis discusses fluid flow and heat transfer and&...

Lejsek, Adam
Vliv designu průtočné části na účinnost a cenu parní turbíny

The Diploma thesis contains the design of high speed steam turbine in two alternatives. The two differ in their rotor, one is built using discrete wheels (disks), the other one has drum-type rotor. Termodynamic nad strength design is carried out for both. Both variants are...

Hubálek, Vít
Pevnostní a ekonomické \hsp{0,2cm}ohodnocení \hsp{0,2cm}použití \hsp{0,2cm}nelegovaných \nl{}a legovaných materiálů parních potrubí od návrhu po montáž \nl{}pro strojovny s parní turbínou

Diploma thesis solve suitability of using unalloyed and alloyed steels for pressure piping with steam medium. Diploma thesis should solve the problem, whether it is cheaper and more suitable use cheap unalloyed steel with worse mechanical properties and greater wall thickness or use...

Kaiser, Vojtěch
Zpracování primárních dat ze sondování na díle

The thesis researches a way how the experimental data from a steam turbine are gathered and processed. Including a calibration of a 7-hole pressure probe under dp = pL - pP = 0 condition, the actual pressure measurement on the turbine and post processing of the ...

Korelus, Jan
Návrh systému chladící vody

The aim of the thesis is to design a cooling water pipeline system using two different material variants. For both material variants perform strength and stress analysis in CAESAR II software and generate isometric drawings of the pipeline with information about forces loading the&...

Růžička, Patrik
Numerický a empirický výpočet průtočného množství páry \nl{}při profuku potrubí

This diploma thesis deals with the application of theory of adiabatic flow in strait pipe with constant diameter (Fanno flow) for acquirement of the flow values in real pipelines during steam blowing. The theory of steam blowing and Fanno flow was described. Analytical results ...

Bajić, Stefan
Studie podchycení vlivu malých geometrických změn lopatek \nl{}pomocí CFD

This master thesis deals with a creation of the procedure to capture the effect of small geometric changes of the blades using a commercial solver ANSYS. Shape modifications of blade profiles will be considered as enlargement and reduction of blade profiles in the direction of...

Matějka, Tomáš
Výpočet tlakových ztrát v mařiči energie

This master thesis consists of an analytical calculation of pressure loss in a multi-stage restriction orifices and its validation with experimental data. This calculation describes steam parameters in multi-stage restriction orifices.

Bohuslav, Rudolf
Termodynamická optimalizace Rankinova cyklu

The diploma thesis contains description of Rankine cycle and its modifications. Next there are defined criteria for analysis and optimization of cycle, namely energy, entropy, exergy and entransy. These criteria are used for analysis and optimization of Rankine cycle. Furthermore, numerical ...

Dyoub, Mazen
Thermodynamic Optimization of Irreversible Heat Engines

This master thesis is focused on examine the performance of heat engines at different efficiencies of expansion and compression, to define the impact of these changes on the thermal efficiency, power output, and entropy. For this purpose a thermodynamic analysis is done by means&#x...

Kass hanna, Izzat
Aerodynamic measurements on stationary and vibrating turbine blade cascade

This thesis dissert on experimental study for aerodynamic forces and pressure lost measured in a linear blade cascade, oscillating phenomenon.

Mácha, Martin
Kontrola napjatosti na potrubních dílech - ohybech a kolenech

The piping systems are deformed from temperature dilations, gravity, seismicloads, vibrations and especially from displacement at connection points to devices. These deformations cause stress in individual parts of the pipelines which must be checker for thein akceptability in all operating modes...

Kovařík, Jiří
Měření prostorového pole rychlostí za cejchovací dýzou pomocí metody stereo PIV

The thesis focuses on the use of the PIV method, more precisely the Stereo PIV method, with a goal of finding the overall spatial velocity field inside the wind tunnel. The measured air flow is in an empty measured section 400 mm long and 125 × 125 mm cross...

Tupý, David
Experimentální výzkum proudění v modelu axiálního výstupního tělesa parní turbíny

This thesis is concerned with experimental measuring on an axial exhaust hood model. The ultimate goal is to determine how given geometrical and flow parameters effect the resulting pressure recovery coefficient. Measurements are carried out in the experimental laboratory conditions of a...

Šuma, Jiří
Retrofit NT dílů turbíny 268 MW na sytou páru

This thesis is focused on modernization proposal of LP parts of turbine 268 MW with saturated steam located at nuclear power plant in Finland. The thesis is composed of introduction of this particular nuclear power plant, calculation of heat balance diagram, steam flow part in...

Náprstková, Lenka
Stanovení optimálního výpočetního postupu pro ověření návrhu instalace chilleru v palubní kuchyni dopravního letounu

This thesis analyses air flow in chilled compartment of the aircraft galley. CFD calculations were used to perform the analysis. These calculations were further validated by comparison with performed experiment. Thesis also contains a brief introduction of the Safran Cabin CZ company an...

Šimeček, Kamil
Analýza namáhání opěrných prvků tlakové nádoby jaderného rektoru VVER 440

This presented master thesis deals with an analysis of supporting elements of a nuclear reactor (type VVER 440/213). All calculations were done by the software ANSYS which uses the finite element method. In the beginning there is a basic overview about nuclear power plants...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86