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Berková, Eva
Příprava algoritmu nestacionárního 1D výpočtu pro vyšetření průběhu teploty izolovaného potrubí plného vody při najíždění a odstavování VT regenerace

Diploma's thesis solves insulated feed water piping during start up and shut down procedure of HP regenerative heaters. It consists of algorithm compilation of unsteady 1D heat transfer calculation, which solves this situation with comparing of numeric simulation results. Motivation of d...

Levý, Jaroslav
Analýza jevů ovlivňujících měření teplot a dalších veličin na zkušebním radiálním kompresoru

The following text is focused on the thermal influence of multi - thermocouple total temperature probes used by measurements at the testing device of centrifugal compressors. For this purpose, experimental device was designed and constructed, measurements were made, measured data were analyz...

Pisinger, Richard
Optimization of an industrial heat exchanger by the minimalization of entropy

A second law of thermodynamics analysis of three different types of heat exchangers is the subject of this thesis. Entropy generation is introduced as a quantitative measure of the irreversibility (imperfectness) related to heat transfer and fluid friction during operation and serves as...

Robotka, Jiří
3D model strojovny dvoutělesové parní turbiny o výkonu 250 MW v PDMS

This diploma thesis deals with layout solution of STG building for double-casing steam turbine with power output 250 MW in PDMS software. The second part of this thesis deals with dimensioning of gland steam piping system. Equipment were modeled in 3D model, then the pipelines...

Vrba, Pavel
Experimentální měření proudění na parní turbíně T10 MW a vyhodnocení výsledků

This thesis deals with analytical calculations based od data from the experiment conducted in the research department of Doosan Škoda Power company. The main objective was to determine the uncertainty of temperature measurements and proposing a new formula describing ventilation power losses...

Tolar, Lukáš
Experimentální určení časové konstanty smyčkového RTD JE Temelín

Thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is a search dealing with measurement of temperature on primary circuit of nuclear power plant using RTD. This part is especially focused on dynamic properties of RTD. Within these search ...

Ivanin, Aleksandr
Návrh vícestupňového kondenzátoru a přínos jeho aplikace v cyklu jaderné elektrárny

This diploma thesis dissert on overview of condensers as a part of Rankine cycle. In the thesis theoretical assumptions of multistage condensers are mentioned. Practical part of the thesis focuses on heat transfer and hydraulic calculation of Dukovany Nuclear Power Station and Tem...

Čierny, Lukáš
Porovnání výpočtových metod používaných při návrhu lopatkování parních turbín

This thesis discusses methods of designing turbine stages by using 1D (mean-line) and 2D (through-flow). The diploma thesis is focused mainly on researching differences already mentioned approaches at considering balance of mass flow rate through stage. The effects of simplification considered&#x...

Pěnkava, Jan
Návrh turbíny do kombinovaného cyklu

This thesis deals with a design of an HRSG and a steam turbine to a CCGT, which was specified by properties of flu gas. One of the main goals of the paper is to compare performances of the steam turbine designed for single - pressure and double - pressure&#...

Stříteský, Martin
Kondenzační parní turbína

This diploma thesis deals with design of condensing steam turbine of unusual parameters. The paper presents thermodynamic cycle calculation, flowpath design and basic stress calculations. A few analysis were performed using numerical methods to support a design of particular construction tasks.&#...

Müller, Jan
EOH - Equivalent operating hours of steam turbines

This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of equivalent operating hours (EOH), proposal of its determination and possible use for client practice. This work describes supporting modules and systems, which are in some way determining EOH and control of steam turbine life-time. Fur...

Klavík, Petr
Fyzikální modelování proudění v palivovém souboru v aktivní zóně jaderného reaktoru

This diploma thesis is focused on the description of the nuclear reactor and its parts. First, it describes the design of fuel assemblies with a focus on mixing grids and the associated problems of flow with it. The main part of the diploma thesis is design implement...

Klíma, Tomáš
CFD modelování proudění v palivovém souboru v aktivní zóně jaderného reaktoru

The following text is focused on the description of a nuclear reactor as a whole and its main components. It also deals with flowing fluids and CFD modeling. Subsequently, the work focuses on one particular part of the fuel assembly the mixing grid. The main part&#x...

Dufek, Tomáš
Experimentální studium úplavu za překážkou v proudové části turbíny

The diploma thesis deals with the measurement of the wake behind a barrier using PIV and stereo PIV methods. The aim of the work is mainly to demostrate efficiency of using the PIV methods for measuring the wake. In the introduction, the method is theoretically described,...

Hübel, David
Diagnostika šroubového kompresoru

The aim of this work is to propose a methodology for the operational diagnostics of a screw compressor. For this purpose, this research was focused on screw compressors namely their measurement and diagnostics. Then a series of experimental measurements were carried out...

Tomášek, Michal
Analýza proudění s podporou CFD ve stupni odstředivého kompresoru se vstřikováním vody

This thesis deals with the principle of the direct cooling of the pressure gas in a centrifugal compressor, based on evaporation of the additional fluid phase in the control domain. A decrease of gas temperature is reached by taking the heat which is required for evaporat...

Krejčí, Miroslav
Limity použitelnosti konstrukčních materiálů pro aplikace MSR (Molten Salt Reactor - GEN IV.)

This thesis contains an introduction to the problems of reactors IV. generation. Their basic description, corrosion problems and proposed structural materials. In the next part the thesis deals with evaluation of structural materials.

Volf, Michal
A study of reciprocating compressor valve dynamics

This master thesis is focused on one-dimensional study of reciprocating compressor valve dynamics. For this purpose, a tool was developed, which is used to qualitatively evaluate the individual aspects of valve dynamics as well as their interaction. A mathematical model, which is implem...

Löfler, Martin
Analýza transformace leteckého turbokompresorového motoru TV3-117 na energetickou jednotku

Thesis is aimed to aircraft turbocompressor turboshaft engine TV3-117. It is about conversion of this engine to a power unit. In the thesis are mentioned aeroderivative gas turbines used in world. Differences between aircraft engines and stationary gasa turbines are mentioned to. A ...

Panuška, Michal
Steam Tail - Optimization of cycle between HRSG and steam turbine in combined cycle power plants

Following pages are focused on optimization of a reference combined cycle power plant. Optimization is done from point of view of bottoming (steam) process, which is being actively offered by steam turbine manufacturer as pre-engineered package. Suggested improvements take into account both&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64