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Sido, Jakub
Natural Language Generation

Computational systems use natural language for communication with humans moreoften in the last years. This work summarises state-of-the-art approaches in thefield of generative models, especially in the text domain. It offers a complex study ofspecific problems known from this domain and rel...

Pražák, Ondřej
Cross-Lingual Methods for SemanticRepresentations

Lipka, Richard , Potužák, Tomáš
Search for the Memory Duplicities in the Java Applications Using Shallow and Deep Object Comparison

In this paper, we are presenting a method and a tool that allows detecting duplicity in the heap dump of a Java application, based on the shallow and deep object comparison. The tool allows to identify the problematic instances in the memory and thus helps programmers...

Koutný, Tomáš , Úbl, Martin
SmartCGMS as a Testbed for a Blood-Glucose Level Prediction and/or Control Challenge with (an FDA-Accepted) Diabetic Patient Simulation

Diabetic patient desires to avoid hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes, which result from insufficient insulin production. As the diabetes disease progresses, it requires an advance control of external insulin administration with an insulin pump. Given the importance of blood-glucose level prediction ...

Hubková, Helena , Král, Pavel , Pettersson, Eva
Czech Historical Named Entity Corpus v 1.0

As the number of digitized archival documents increases very rapidly, named entity recognition (NER) in historical documents has become very important for information extraction and data mining. For this task an annotated corpus is needed, which has up to now been missing for Czech...