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Moravec, Václav , Macková, Veronika , Sido, Jakub , Ekštein, Kamil
The Robotic Reporter In The Czech News Agency: Automated Journalism And Augmentation In The Newsroom

The use of automated journalism, also known as robotic journalism or artificial intelligence journalism, became an established practice in English-speaking countries less than ten years ago. Narrative Science and Automated Insights developed creative software that automatically generates reports. Several&#x...

Lenc, Ladislav , Král, Pavel
Improving Face Recognition Methods Based on POEM Features

The usual way how POEM descriptors are utilized consists in constructing features in rectangular non-overlapping regions covering the whole image. The features created in the regions are then concatenated into one long vector representing the face. We propose an enhancement of this meth...

Hruda, Lukáš , Kolingerová, Ivana , Lávička, Miroslav
Plane Space Representation in Context of Mode-Based Symmetry Plane Detection

This paper describes various representations of the space of planes. The main focus is on the plane space representation in the symmetry plane detection in E3 where many candidate planes for many pairs of points of the given object are created and then the most often ...

Dvořák, Jan , Maňák, Martin , Váša, Libor
Predictive compression of molecular dynamics trajectories

Molecular dynamics simulations help to understand the complex behavior of molecules. The output of such a simulation describes the trajectories of individual atoms as snapshots of atom positions in time. Many compression schemes were developed to reduce the amount of data needed for...

Vomáčka, Tomáš , Kolingerová, Ivana , Maňák, Martin
Kinetic locally minimal triangulation: theoretical evaluation and combinatorial analysis

Kinetic data structures represent an extension to ordinary data structures, where the underlying data become time-dependent (e.g., moving points). In this paper, we define the kinetic locally minimal triangulation (KLMT) as a kinetic data structure extension to the locally minimal triangulation&#...