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Koutný, Tomáš
Physiological reconstruction of blood glucose level using CGMS-signals only

Patient with diabetes must regularly monitor blood glucose level. Drawing a blood sample is a painful and discomfort experience. Alternatively, the patient measures interstitial fluid glucose level with a sensor installed in subcutaneous tissue. Then, a model of glucose dynamics calculates b...

Hruda, Lukáš , Kolingerová, Ivana , Váša, Libor
Robust, fast and flexible symmetry plane detection based on differentiable symmetry measure

Reflectional symmetry is a potentially very useful feature which many real-world objects exhibit. It is instrumental in a variety of applications such as object alignment, compression, symmetrical editing or reconstruction of incomplete objects. In this paper, we propose a novel differentiable&#x...

Sido, Jakub , Ekštein, Kamil , Pražák, Ondřej , Konopík, Miloslav
On Injecting Entropy-Like Features into Deep Neural Networks for Content Relevance Assessment

This paper describes in details an innovative technique of injection of a global (or generally largescale) quality measure into a deep neural network (DNN) in order to compensate for the tendency of DNNs to found the resulting classification virtually from a superposition of local&...

Dvořák, Jan , Káčereková, Zuzana , Vaněček, Petr , Hruda, Lukáš , Váša, Libor
As-rigid-as-possible volume tracking for time-varying surfaces

Surfaces evolving through time are hard to analyze without prior knowledge of the represented deforming shape. Topological noise introduced by inaccuracies during surface capture and reconstruction renders the estimation of time-consistent correspondence an ill-posed problem. It has previously been sh...

Červenka, Martin , Skala, Václav
Conditionality Analysis of the Radial Basis Function Matrix

The global RBFs lead to an ill-conditioned system of linear equations, in general. This contribution analyzes conditionality of the Gauss and the Thin Plate Spline (TPS) functions. Experiments made proved dependency of the shape parameter and number of points, which can be described...