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Szkandera, Jakub
Motion planning for geometric models in data visualization

A finding of path is an important task in many research areas and it is a common problem solved in a wide range of applications. New problems of finding path appear and complex problems persist, such as a real-time plan- ning of paths for huge crow...

Martínek, Jiří
Deep Neural Networks for Selected Natural Language Processing Tasks

This report presents research in several tasks of the natural language processing, namely optical character recognition, text categorization and dialogue act recognition. The report is focused on modern deep neural network classifiers, which are first introduced theoretically with the support of&...

Krejzl, Peter
Stance detection and summarization in social networks

Prantl, Martin
Shape characteristics of geometrical objects and their use in computer graphics

Shape characteristics play an important part in computer graphics. They help us to better understand various properties of geometrical objects. One of the most important shape characteristics is curvature. However, the curvature itself is not always enough and other characteristics&#...

Ettler, Tomáš
Detekce a hodnocení videozáznamu pohybu hlasivek z vysokorychlostní kamery

This work summarizes problematic about image segmentation used on laryngoscopical data taken from High Speed Video. There are described most used published method of automatic segmentation and also a new method is introduced. Descriptions of preprocessing and postprocessing methods are also...