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Recent Submissions

Červenka, Martin , Skala, Václav
Conditionality Analysis of the Radial Basis Function Matrix

The global RBFs lead to an ill-conditioned system of linear equations, in general. This contribution analyzes conditionality of the Gauss and the Thin Plate Spline (TPS) functions. Experiments made proved dependency of the shape parameter and number of points, which can be described...

Skala, Václav , Červenka, Martin
Novel RBF Approximation Method Based on Geometrical Properties for Signal Processing

Interpolation and approximation methods are widely used in many areas. They can be divided to methods based on meshing (tessellation) of the data domain and to meshless (meshfree) methods, which do not require the domain tessellation of scattered data. Scattered n-dimensional data radia...

Pražák, Ondřej , Konopík, Miloslav , Sido, Jakub
Multilingual Coreference Resolution with Harmonized Annotations

In this paper, we present coreference resolution experiments with a newly created multi-lingual corpus CorefUD (Nedoluzhko et al.,2021). We focus on the following languages: Czech, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, and Catalan. In addition to monolingual experiments, we combine the training data&...

Brada, Přemysl , Lipka, Richard , Holý, Lukáš , Ježek, Kamil
Interactive System Architecture Exploration:Case Studies with the IMiGEr Tool

Software systems of all kinds tend to be complex, easily comprising hundreds of components of various types and many more interconnections. Understanding of their internal structure through appropriate visualization is, therefore, a challenging task, especially when hierarchical decomposition is not&#...

Valeš, Zdeněk , Brada, Přemysl
Service API Modeling and Comparison: A Technology-Independent Approach

When service-based applications are used in systems where context varies in time or location (mobile, adaptive systems), clients may need to switch service providers for various reasons like temporary outage or geographical relocation. To prevent negative impacts on overall functionality, both&#x...