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Younes, Dina , Šteffan, Pavel
Fast and Power Reduced RNS-Based Image Filtering in Spatial Domain

This paper presents a fast and power reduced design for digital image filtering. Contrary to the typical designs for image processing, this one is based on a non-weighted number system, residue number system (RNS). The proposed structure applies a number of spatial filters on ...

Vacula, Patrik , Husák, Miroslav
Waffle MOS channel aspect ratio calculation with Schwarz-Christoffel transformation

The main goal of this work is to describe alternative way of effective channel width to length (W/L) ratio calculation for Waffle MOS structure. Due to non-conventional gate geometry of the Waffle MOS transistor compare to the fingers structure, the channel W/L ratio calc...

Růžička, R. , Šimek, Vilém
More Complex Polymorphic Circuits: A Way to Implementation of Smart Dependable Systems

Today, there are a lot of application areas, where a circuit, which is able to perform different functions in different situations, may be useful. Typically, polymorphic circuits provide very area-efficient implementation and have also embedded and distributed sensing of an environment state...

Kósa, Arpád , Rybár, Jakub , Stuchlíková, Ľubica
Numerical Approach to the Problem of Digital DLTS Measurements Signal analysis

This paper presents a novel approach in the investigation of the parameters of deep energy levels in digital DLTS (Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy) measurements. A DLTS spectra fitting algorithm and by this the calculation of the activation energy capture cross section and the tr...

Rendl, Karel , Macháč, Jan , Steiner, František , Wirth, Václav
Comparison of Rosin Fluxes

This article will present results of activity testing of rosin fluxes. A good solderability of a component output and a soldering pad of PCB are important for the creation of a quality joint. Since it supports a melted solder wetting on a soldered surface, a flux has...