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Pihera, Josef , Steiner, František
NZEE 2013 - Slovo úvodem

The paper deals with the properties of rare earth ions doped polymer layers. Polymer Epoxy Novolak Resin was doped with erbium, erbium/ytterbium and dysprosium ions. The layers were fabricated by spin-coating on silicon and quartz substrates. We have investigated infrared (IR) spectra,&...

Dostál, Zdeněk
Uzatvorené cykly biosystému a energie pod vplyvom civilizácie

The basic objective of energy flow is to the development of human populations complemented by social laws. Social laws are increasingly diverted from natural laws. Effect of the rich and powerful but directed all the benefits to your advantage and regardless of ordinary citizens.&#...

Nemec, Patrik , Smitka, Martin , Malcho, Milan , Jandačka, Jozef
Porovnanie konvenčného a nekonvenčného spôsobu chladenia tranzistorov

To ensure proper functioning of equipment consisting of power elements, which in their activities produce waste heat, this heat must be removed into the surrounding. Heat removal by conventional manner with using an alumina cooler using and with forced convection is in many times&#...

Čech, Ondřej , Fedorková, Andrea , Sedlaříková, Marie
Progresivní elektrodové materiály pro lithno-iontové akumulátory: Kladná elektroda na bázi elementární síry

This article deals with the electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and is focused especially on the properties of elemental sulfur in terms of its utilization in electrochemical accumulation of energy within li-ion battery cathodes. Sulfur as an electrode material is one of the&#...

Smitka, Martin , Čaja, Alexander , Malcho, Martin , Jandačka, Jozef
Nekonvenčný spôsob chladenia tranzistorov

Due to the rapid progress in the electronics industry, the thermal management of electronics components becomes an important and serious issue. Natural and forced convection are often deficient. One of the possibilities for dissipation of heat flux is using a loop heat pipe. A ...

Stehlík, Karin
State of the art in high-temperature electrolysis and research trends

A promising method for hydrogen production is high-temperature electrolysis. Here, the energy for water splitting can be applied by electricity and heat, in contrast to the well-established low-temperature electrolysis processes, where only electricity can be used. In this article the working...

Máca, Josef , Sedlaříková, Marie , Vondrák, Jiří
Stanovení potenciálových oken a kapacity dvojvrstvy elektrolytů na bázi sulfolanu

Batteries are common part of human daily activities. Batteries are always some kind of electrochemical sources of electric energy like nickel – methylhydrid, nickel – cadmium, lithium – iodide or the most widespread litnium – ion. Modern lithium – ion batteries are composed from&#x...

Čaja, Alexander , Malcho, Milan , Jandačka, Jozef , Nemec, Patrik
Chladenie elektrostatických meničov tepelnými trubicami

In recent years saw a great increase miniaturization of some heat-stressed equipment mainly in electronics and mechatronics. Design and produce a more complex and energy-consuming equipment. On the other hand, there is a tendency that these devices have been getting smaller while retain...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 8 of 8