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Novotný, Jiří
Počátky vzdělávání v Čechách 9. a 10. století

The oldest educational facility in Bohemia came into existence probably at the end of the 10th century. It was a cathedral school at St. Vitus in Prague. But the Christianity came to Central European Slavs much earlier. That is why since the second half of the 9th&#x...

Chýlová, Helena
Dynamika jazyka současných vlogerů a youtuberů

In the article, the author takes a look at characteristic features of language of contemporary vloggers and youtubers, specifies voth types of language users among the web environment and tries to express their characteristics: ties to environment and a topic, up-to-date and invidualize...

Kuba, Martin
Dialog jako obraz boje

Pokorová, Markéta
Židovská tematika ve výuce - nové náměty

A thorough analysis of Czech educational documents has shown that all Czech students should be led to religious awareness, in a broad cultural-historical context. Compliance with this requirement is verified at the “maturita” test. The work is focused on the teaching of Jewish them...

Pokorová, Markéta
Židovská tematika ve výuce - Plzeňský kraj

The work contains a brief summary of the history of the Pilsen Jewish community and is specifically focused on the Jewish literary personality associated with the Pilsen region. The aim is to prove that the region has its significant Jewish authors and that it is possible...

Pokorová, Markéta
Náboženská tematika ve výuce literatury na střední škole

The thesis solves the reflection of the globalization tendencies in the Czech education system, especially the role of religion in the teaching of social sciences with an emphasis on Czech language and literature - compulsory graduation subject. During the survey, the Framework Educatio...

Pokorová, Markéta
Židovská tematika ve výuce - Golem

The work is loosely linked to the previous text dealing with new topics in literature teaching, but this time it is specifically focused on the theme of Golem. Through a careful study of the chosen phenomenon, it has been found that this is an ideal cross-sectional t...

Čechová, Marie
Příprava bohemistů-cizinců na tvorbu odborného textu

This study aims to help students with writing their bachelor´s thesis, master´s thesis or doctoral dissertation. It offers advice on selecting a topic, formulating aims and hypotheses, using different methods and conducting research, from analysing the research material to describing the out...

Čechová, Marie
Eliptičnost a redundantnost v řeči

Ellipticity and redundandy in speech are two mutually exlucive, opposing concepts, but they sometimes combine in a single text. Ellipticity refers to bouth the process of omitting something or the result of doing so. Ellipticity converges with the concepts of sentence equivalent, single...

Čechová, Marie
Proměny v současné češtině

The current Czech is socially stratified and regionally differentiated, although there are also the processes of the opposite character in it, the unification and equalization. Language development includes in itself the antinomies opposing each other, but mutually complementary and converting in...

Chýlová, Helena , Lukášová, Jitka
Prekraczanie granic przyzwoitości: obraz picia i osób pijacych alkohol w leksyce i frazeologii polskiej i czeskiej

Chýlová, Helena , Lukášová, Jitka
Odraz změn pojetí myšlení o národě v současné reklamě

The article describes changes in understanding of a term "nation" by Czech and Polish people since 19 th century to this day as well as chosen autostereotypes, that are typical for both nations, in the field of advertising. Authors analysed over 250 Czech and Polish&...

Franta, David
František Špaček jako klatovský Winter?

The focal point of the study is collection of short stories "Obrázky klatovské" (Pictures of Klatovy) by František Špaček. Analysis and interpretation of short stories from the end of the 1800s (1898) deals with ther composition and linguistic and sets the genre of a ...

Viktora, Viktor
Mezi ironií, skepsí a absurditou

Zikmund Winter´s times - the turn of twentieth century - are defined by the fin de siecle, in other words by the end of notions about predicatable and recognizable world and its order. Mixture of art movements, fatigue and disbelief dramatically influenced the face of lit...

Franta, David
Aorist a imperfektum jako čas "minulejší" než minulý

This article focuses on the (re)construction, usage and function of simple past tenses in 19th century Czech-language literature. From the receptional standpoint of the reader both today and in the 19th centruy, the dual simple past tenses, the aorist and imperfect, were the greate...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15