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Hamáček, Martin
Fučíkovo spektrum Laplaceova operátoru s integrální okrajovou podmínkou a jeho parametrizace

This thesis is devoted to studying of an eigenvalue problem of radially symmetric Laplace operator with a nonlocal (integral) boundary condition in general dimension $ n $. In addition, we are interested in describing the so-called Fučík spectrum of the corresponding problem.�...

Neymon, Radek
Metodika a vyšetřování válečných zločinů

The main aim of this work is to systematically, structurally and comprehensively describe the basic methodology of war crimes investigation. The work also contains specific war crimes, their brief analysis and specific case law. The work is further focused on the definition of war,...

Zárubová, Eliška
Metodika vyšetřování trestné činnosti mládeže - trestněprávní a kriminalistické aspekty

This thesis is a summarizing material related to the youth crime. This thesis focuses mainly on the person of an offender, detailed comparison with Slovak legislation, analysis of educational and protective measures that are imposed on youth people and measures imposed on children. ...

Veselá, Anna
Trestněprávní aspekty domácího násilí

This thesis is focused on the issue of domestic violence and its crime aspects. Domestic violence is a serious social phenomenon, which was overlooked in the past. Domestic violence was considered as pure "private matter" to which state power couldn't interfere. Over the&#...

Frantová, Zuzana
Vazba v českém trestním právu

The topic of this thesis is Detention in the Czech Criminal Procedure Code. The current Criminal Procedure Law no. 141 dates back to the 1961 Criminal Codex and was amended hundred times since then. Detention represents a very serious interference with the constitutionally and ...