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Roque, Waldir L. , Doering, Dionísio
Constructing approximate voronoi diagrams from digital images of generalized polygons and circular objects

Zhang, Hui , Shu, Huazhong , Luo, Limin
Mesh simplification based on shading chracteristics

Szijárto, Gábor
Hardware architecture for fast camera effects

Schindler, Konrad , Bauer, Joachim
Towards feature-based building reconstruction from images

Peters, Christopher , Dobbyn, Simon , Nameee, Brian Mac , O'Sullivan, Carol
Smart objects for attentive agents

Pessel, Nathalie , Opderbecke, Jan , Aldon, Marie-José
Camera self-calibration in underwater environment

Nechvíle, Karel , Tobola, Petr , Sochor, Jiří
Comparisom of accelerating techniques for discontinuity meshing

Menon, Anil S. , Barnes, Bobby , Mills, Rose , Bruyns, Cynthia D. , Twombly, Alexander , Smith, Jeff , Montgomery, Kevin , Boyle, Richard
Usingregistration, calibration, and robotics to build a more accurate virtual reality simulation for astronaut training and telemedicine

Lepistö, Leena , Kunttu, Iivari , Autio, Jorma , Visa, Ari
Rock Image Classification Using Non-Homogenous Textures and Spectral Imaging

Laycock, S. D. , Day, A. M.
Simulating Deformable Tools with Haptic Feedback in a Virtual Environment

Kavan, Ladislav , Žára, Jiří
Real Time Skin Deformation with Bones Blending

Hesse, Michael , Gavrilova, Marina
A Quantitative Analysis of Culling Techniques for Real-time Rendering of Digital Elevation Models

Hast, Anders , Barrera, Tony , Bengtsson, Ewert
Shading vy Spherical lienear interpolation using de moivre's formula

Guinnip, David , Rice, David , Jaynes, Christopher , Stevens, Randall
Efficient image-based projective mapping using the master texture space encoding

Endo, Luis Carlos Yano , Morimoto, Carlos Hitoshi , Fabris, Antonio Elias
Real-time animation of underbrush

Braun, Norbert
Storytelling in Collaborative Augmented Reality Environments

Bevilacqua, Alessandro
Optimizing parameters of a motion detection system by means of a genetic algorithm

Aljamali, Ahmad M. , Banissi, Ebad
Grid Method Classification of Islamic Geometric Patterns

Al-Ghreimil, Nadia , Hahn, James K.
Combined Partial Motion Clips

Albin, Stéphane , Péroche, Bernard
Directionally dependent light sources

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 20