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Koželuh, Martin
Dobytí říše Aztéků

Bachelor thesis main goal is to capture the moust important reasons for decline of the aztec empire in the years of 1519-1521. The work is for this reason aimed to the efforts of the expedition of Hernan Cortés. The work is divided to the six main chapters,...

Kováříková, Kristýna
Generální stávka ve Velké Británii v roce 1926

The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to analyze the all conflict of the General Strike of 1926 in Great Britain. The aim of the first chapter was to bring the events from the First World War to the start of the strike and describes the situation in the m...

Oliberius, Vít
Vztah Evžena Savojského a Josefa I

The graduate work deals with the analysis of the relationship between the commander of the Habsburg Army, Marshal Eugene of Savoy and the rulers Leopold I. and Josef I. The first part of the work is describing the childhood of all three leaders and the possibilities ...

Červenková, Lucie
Vyhlazovací tábor Sobibor

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the Nazi extermination camp Sobibor, whose construction started in the spring of 1942. Camp Sobibor was built as part of the Operation Reinhard, which was a cover name for the construction of three factories to death near the&#x...

Donátková, Zuzana
Společnost Florencie pod vládou Lorenza de Medici

Cultural history is a discipline in itself, but it should be studied, written or lectured in line with political history. Even art has to be understood in the context of its time, even culture has its place in political history. And in the Renaissance art has often&#...

Sýkora, Ondřej
Český fašismus v období první a druhé republiky

The bachelor thesis deals with the Czech fascism during the period of the First and the Second Republic. It describes fascism and the emergence of the first extreme right-wing movements in our country. The mainstay of the thesis deals with the National Fascist Community, which...

Havránek, Martin
Dopady programu New Deal na Spojené státy americké

In the aftermath of World War I, the economy of the USA was blossoming. However, permanently increasing pressure to consuming lifestyle and great profits of corporations led to mass provisions of loans and to stock exchange speculations which were not based on real data...

Laštovička, Adam
Gallipolská operace v roce 1915

The aim of this bachelor thesis is analyse the Allied campaign in the First World War on the Gallipoli in 1915. This offensive was led against the Ottoman Empire. Its goal was reverse deadlock, which war received. Introduction of thesis characterize outbreak of the Great ...

Veselá, Martina
Anglo-nizozemské války (1652 - 1654, 1664 - 1667) - důsledek obchodního soupeření v 17. století

This work deals with the important aspects of the Anglo-dutch commercial rivalry and examine character and consequences the first two wars.

Pelc, Jan
Zahraniční politika USA v letech 1947-1949 v otázce poválečné obnovy Evropy

The main aim of this work is a chararacteristic of the foreign policy of the USA between 1947-1949 on the question of the post-war Europe and how it influenced the economic and political situation in Europe and US. This thesis deals with the key events that led ...

Netrhová, Tereza
Struktura feudální držby Plzeňského kraje v pobělohorském období.

This bachelor workshop is about structure of feudal ownership in Pilsen region after the Battlefield of White Mountain. The main aim of the work is introducing land ownership of each estates in Pilsen region in three periods, years 1656, 1757 and 1789.

Lenk, Šimon
Velká Británie a zvrat války v severní Africe v letech 1942-1943

The bachelor thesis is focused mainly on the area of North Africa between years 1942-1943, where it deals especially with events that caused the British and the Allies to take over the initiative again in late 1942. The aim of this work is to describe, on the ba...

Čáslavský, Martin
Norimberský proces

The subject of my bachelor thesis is the Nuremberg trial, which were judged for the first time in history prominent members of political, military and economy leadership of a state, namely of Nazi Germany. Bachelor Thesis dedicated to negotiations about trial, individual defendants,...

Blahutová, Anežka
Rúrská krize 1923

This bachelor thesis deals with the occupation of the German Ruhr arena. In the thesis there are settled questions of war reparations, economic crisis in Ruhr, introduction of the Rentenmark and the occupation process. This bachelor thesis deals also with the policy of passive ...

Fenclová, Nikola
Vznik a počátky španělské inkvizice

Bachelor thesis reviews the situation on the Pyrenean peninsula at the end of the 15th century and explain the causes of the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition and its substance. Subsequently, the focus of the Suprema and its consequences for non-Catholic minorities in Spain&...

Fantysová, Nikol
Ženský pracovní tábor v obci Svatava

In the present paper, the author is focusing on the period of the Second World War, especially on the origin and history of the female labor camp in the town Svatava. The town is located in the Sokolov region in the west of the Czech Republic, near the bord...

Sosna, Vladimír
Prusko-rakouské vztahy v letech 1864-66

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the relations between Austria and Prussia between 1864 and 1866. The topic is focused on diplomatic negotiations and conflicts between both states and Bismarck influenced each other and developed relations between them. The work analyzes&#x...

Sztankóová, Markéta
Dějiny práva útrpného

Since the early forms of the state, efforts have been made to create company rules and lay the foundations of the rule of law. The related development of criminal law and its sanctions. Since the Middle Ages we have been forming the so-called right of torture or ...

Müller, Jan
Velká Británie v krymské válce 1853-56

This work is about Great Britain in Crimean War. Crimean War was a military conflict in years 1853 1856, in which Russia fought against Great Britain, France and Sardinian kingdom. The last chapter is about treaty of Paris in year 1856.

Pfeifer, Patrik
Politika spojenců v západní Evropě od vylodění 6. 6. 1944 po bitvu v Ardenách

The aim of this work is to describe the policy of Western Allied forces from the Invasion of Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge. I will try to examine the command of Allied troops, and also focus on the crisis in the allied command, which ran throughout th...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 253