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Recent Submissions

Uddin, Mohammed Nazim , Hosen, Mosharrof , Chowdhury, Mustafa Manir , Tabassum, Tanbina , Mazumder, Manjurul Alam
Does corporate governance influence firm value in Bangladesh? A panel data analysis

Corporate governance has been widely debated for over a decade with the collapse of the financial and capital market under the prejudicial roles of regulatory bodies. Therefore, the study examined the impact of corporate governance on firm value in Bangladesh. A total of 63 DS...

Almeida, Alejandro , Galiano, Aida , Golpe, Antonio A. , Álvarez, Juan Manuel Martín
The usefulness of marketing strategies in a regulated market: evidence from the Spanish tobacco market

This paper outlines possible useful marketing strategies for companies to develop in a regulated market. The empirical analysis aims to highlight whether companies can use marketing strategies to create competitive advantages and scale positions in sales leadership once regulation policies are&#x...

Gessesse, Abrham Tezera , He, Ge
Land tenure and technical efficiency of smallholder tea producers: the case of Ya’an city, China

70 percent of the world and 80 percent of China’s tea production produced by smallholder farmers. However, the tea production per unit area significantly unchanged in the past decades. Understanding factors affecting the technical efficiency of smallholder tea producers is very important...

Dospinescu, Octavian , Dospinescu, Nicoleta , Agheorghiesei, Daniela-Tatiana
Fintech services and factors determining the expected benefits of users: evidence in Romania for millennials and generation Z

The purpose of this research is to define the level of significance for various indicators that influence the degree of consumer satisfaction regarding the use of FinTech technologies and services. The most important factors that influence the level of satisfaction when using FinTech&#x...

Gross-Gołacka, Elwira , Kusterka-Jefmańska, Marta , Spałek, Paulina , Jefmański, Bartłomiej
Perception of intellectual capital and its impact on business sustainability: evidence from small, medium, and large enterprises

The main goal of this article is to analyze the level of differentiation of awareness and knowledge among managers of small, medium and large enterprises in the scope of the essence and meaning of intellectual capital as well as the influence of its elements on the s...