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Eshagh, Mehdi , Pitoňák, Martin
Elastic Thickness Determination from on-orbit GOCE Data and CRUST1.0

Elastic thickness (Te) is a parameter representing the lithospheric strength with respect to the loading. Those places, having large values of elastic thickness, flexes less. In this paper, the on-orbit measured gravitational gradients of the Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation ...

Eshagh, Mehdi , Pitoňák, Martin , Tenzer, Robert
Lithosperic elastic thickness estimates in central Eurasia

We estimate the elastic thickness of a continental lithosphere by using two approaches that combine the Vening Meinesz-Moritz (VMM) regional isostatic principle with isostatic flexure models formulated based on solving flexural differential equations for a thin elastic shell with and without ...

Wang, Naer , Nedela, Roman , Hu, Kan
Regular dessigns uniquelly determined by a nilpotent automorphism group

In this paper we consider the classification of uniquelly regular Grothendick dessins with nilpotent automorphism groups. The problem is reduced to the classification of finite maximally automorphic p-groups.

Epperlein, Jeremias , Švígler, Vladimír
On Arbitrarily Long Periodic Orbits of Evolutionary Games on Graphs

A periodic behavior is a well observed phenomena in biological and economical systems. We show that evolutionary games on graphs with imitation dynamics can display periodic behavior for an arbitrary choice of game theoretical parameters describing social-dilemma games. We construct graphs a...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Mieko, Tanaka
On sign-changing solutions for (p, q)-Laplace equations with two parameters

We investigate the existence of nodal (sign-changing) solutions to the Dirichlet problem for a two-parametric family of partially homogeneous (p, q)-Laplace equations −Δpu − Δqu = α|u|p−2u + β|u|q−2u where p ≠ q. By virtue of the Nehari manifolds, the linking theorem, and descendi...

Slavík, Antonín , Stehlík, Petr , Volek, Jonáš
Well-posedness and maximum principles for lattice reaction-diffusion equations

Existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence results together with maximum principles represent key tools in the analysis of lattice reaction-diffusion equations. In this paper, we study these questions in full generality by considering nonautonomous reaction functions, possibly nonsymmetric diffusion a...

Jirková, Veronika , Böhmová, Hana , Marek, Patrice
Airway dimension and orthodontic treatment of distoocclusion

The presented study evaluates the ways in which an extraction or non-extraction orthodontic treatment of distoocclusion in growing patients may affect selected skeletal and dental parameters and anteroposterior dimension of airways in the area of oropharynx as represented in the cephalogram, ...

Drábek, Pavel , Takáč, Peter
Convergence to travelling waves in Fisher’s population genetics model with a non-Lipschitzian reaction term

We consider the Fisher equation for advance of advatageous gene with non-Lipschitzian reaction term. We prove new travelling wave profiles and the convergence of the Cauchy problem to one of those profiles.

Kašparová, Martina , Honzík, Lukáš , Hora, Jaroslav , Pěchoučková, Šárka
Maturita z matematiky v Bavorsku - zadání úloh a stručný postup řešení. Část 1

The article presents the tasks of a mathematic school leaving examination at Bavarian high schools in May 2017. This tasks are supplemented by brief descriptions of the solutions.

Tomiczek, Petr
Forced duffing equation with a non-strictly monotonic potential

This article is devoted to study the existence of a solution to the periodic nonlinear second order ordinary differential equation with damping u''(x)+ c u'(x)+g(x,u)=f(x) x in [0,T] , u(0)=u(T), u'(0)=u'(T), where c in R, g is a Carath'eodory function, f in L^1(...

Ryjáček, Zdeněk , Vrána, Petr , Wang, Shipeng
Closure for {K(1,4),K(1,4)+e}-free graphs

We introduce a closure concept for hamiltonicity in the class of {K(1,4),K(1,4)+e}-free graphs, extending the closure for claw-free graphs introduced by Ryjáček (1997). The closure of a {K(1,4),K(1,4)+e}-free graph G with minimum degree at least 6 is uniquely determined, is a line graph...

Looseová, Iveta , Nečesal, Petr
The Fucik spectrum of the discrete Dirichlet operator

In this paper, we deal with the discrete Dirichlet operator of the second order and we investigate its Fučík spectrum, which consists of a finite number of algebraic curves. For each non-trivial Fučík curve, we are able to detect a finite number of its points, which ...

Vršek, Jan
Contour curves and isophotes on rational ruled surfaces

Ruled surfaces, i.e., surfaces generated by a one-parametric set of lines, are widely used in the field of applied geometry. An isophote on a surface is a curve consisting of those surface points whose normals form a constant angle with a fixed vector. Choosing the angle&...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Tanaka, Mieko
On sign-changing solutions for resonant (p,q)-Laplace equations

We provide two existence results for sign-changing solutions to the Dirichlet problem for the family of equations $-\Delta_p u -\Delta_q u = \alpha |u|^{p-2}u + \beta |u|^{q-2}u$, where $1<q<p$ and $\alpha$, $\beta$ are parameters. First, we show the existence in&#x...

Musso, Monica , Agudelo Rico, Oscar Iván , Correa, Santiago , Restrepo, Daniel , Vélez, Carlos
Multiplicity results and qualitative properties for Neumann semilinear elliptic problems

In this paper we establish the existence of multiple ordered classical solutions for Neumann semilinear elliptic problems and provide qualitative information about them. No symmetry assumptions are required neither on the non-linearity nor on the domain. For some results, the growth of ...

Marek, Patrice , Vávra, František
Comparison of Home Team Advantage in English and Spanish Football Leagues

Home team advantage in sports is widely analysed phenomenon. This paper builds on results of recent research that -- instead of points gained -- uses goals scored and conceded to describe home team advantage. Using this approach, the home team advantage is random variable that...

Šedivá, Blanka , Marek, Patrice
Stability analysis of optimal mean-variance portfolio due to covariance estimation

The objective of this paper is to study the stability of the mean-variance portfolio optimization. The results of the mean-variance optimal selection problem are very sensitive to the model parameters (portfolio calibration window and frequency of portfolio rebalancing). There are presented ...

Audoux, Benjamin , Bobkov, Vladimír , Parini, Enea
On multiplicity of eigenvalues and symmetry of eigenfunctions of the p--Laplacian

We investigate multiplicity and symmetry properties of higher eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the $p$-Laplacian under homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions on certain symmetric domains $\Omega \subset \R^N$. By means of topological arguments, we show how symmetries of $\Omega$ help...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Tanaka, Mieko
Remarks on minimizers for (p, q)-Laplace equations with two parameters

We study in detail the existence, nonexistence and behavior of global minimizers, ground states and corresponding energy levels of the (p,q)-Laplace equation in a bounded domain under zero Dirichlet boundary condition, where p>q>1. A curve on the plane of parameters which allocates...

Anoop, T.V. , Bobkov, Vladimír , Sasi, Sarath
On the strict monotonicity of the first eigenvalue of the p-Laplacian on annuli

Let B1 be a ball in RN centred at the origin and let B0 be a smaller ball compactly contained in B1. For p ∈ (1,∞), using the shape derivative method, we show that the first eigenvalue of the p-Laplacian in annulus B1\B0 strictly decreases as the inner ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69