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Hommerová, Dita , Šrédl, Karel , Dbalá, Kristýna
Analysis of the awareness and popularity of the brand of a selected education and research library in the Czech Republic: A Case Study

This article aims to show the significance of branding in achieving set marketing goals and ensuring the sustainable development of a selected education and research library as a non-profit organization. The research is based on available data from foreign research studies concerning th...

Štumpf, Petr , Vojtko, Viktor , Janeček, Petr
Do European tourists intend to revisit the same countries? Effect of satisfaction in European Union destinations

A high level of tourist satisfaction is one of the most common goals of sustainable tourist destinations. The general assumption is that a higher level of tourist satisfaction leads to higher tourist loyalty to destinations and, furthermore, increases revisits. This paper examines the&#...

Eger, Ludvík , Suchánek, Petr
Face-to-face and electronic communication with customers in retailing and company performance: a case study in the electronics and communication equipment retail industry in the Czech republic

Customers today can find the same assortments in a number of retail stores and through the Internet, thus effective store management has become a critical basis for developing strategic advantages. The aim of this research is to identify whether customer satisfaction measured by me...

Kupec, Michael
Using the concept of diversity in personalization of the internet on the labour market

The paper looks into personalization of the internet and the concept of diversity, their intersections and use on labour markets by public administration bodies and private entities. It presents a basic overview of the current state of interactions between the concepts of diversity,...

Hommerová, Dita , Fiala, Michal
Využívání nástrojů mobilního marketingu u cestovních kanceláří v ČR

This paper deals with the potential for use of mobile marketing and its instruments at tour operators in the Czech Republic. The aim of this work was to become familiar with the modern instruments of mobile marketing and analyze the current state of usage of this typ...

Tomczyk, Lukasz , Eger, Ludvík
Online safety as a new component of digital literacy for young people

Introduction. Digital literacy refers to the skills required to achieve digital competence, the confident and critical use of information and communication technology for learning, leisure, communication and future work of young people. Digital competence has a dual nature. First of all, it&...

Segerer, Matthias , Hommerová, Dita , Šrédl, Karel
Why do Czech Customers Come to Upper Palatinate? Motives, Sales Volume and the Importance of Distance – A Case Study of Shopping in Bavaria

This case study investigates the cross-border shopping behavior and potential of Czech customers in Upper Palatinate (Bavaria). Based on a POS and two household surveys with more than 500 participants, the expenditures of Czech customers in the retail market in Upper Palatinate are ...

Kostovčík, Tibor , Šrédl, Karel , Hommerová, Dita
Competition in the Sparkling Wine Market in the Czech Republic

Hommerová, Dita
Ohlédnutí za konferencí XB-CON

Janeček, Petr
Motives and Barriers for Cooperation in Tourism Destination: Case of Pilsen Region

Current situation in competitiveness in tourism is influenced by impacts of strong global competition. Small and Medium Enterprises could use cooperation as a tool how to succeed on the market. There are many of strategies of cooperation, e.g. strategic alliance, cluster, joint venture&...

Turnšek, Maja , Janeček, Petr
“America First, the Netherlands Second” on YouTube: “spoofing” destination marketing with political satire

This study attempts to provide initial tentative insights into the audience reception of intertwining political satire and destination marketing imagery by analysing the “America First, the Netherlands Second” video and a student sample audience response. In 2017, a series of YouTube videos&...

Eger, Ludvík , Sládkayová, Michaela
Regional governments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and communication with the public using social media

The two past decades have seen changes in communication between regional government and the public. Namely, the new Y and Z generations are skilled in ICT use and accustomed to immediate access to information using Internet. They also expect not only information but also inter...

Eger, Ludvík
Aplikace teorie užití a uspokojení, sociální média a značky na sociálních sítích

Firms and their brands increasingly interact with their audience also on social media. Brand fan pages on social networks or online brand communities have become very popular online services. By creating brand communities in social media, such as Facebook brand pages, firms deliver ...

Jánská, Veronika , Mičík, Michal
Bezpečnost na sociálních sítích

Social media provide many benefits to its users, but with their use, people also face many risks. In this paper, the authors focus on these risks and, using two methods, a questionnaire survey and a focus group, research of the target group is conducted. The aim of&#...

Eger, Ludvík

Janeček, Petr

Prantl, David , Mičík, Michal
Analysis of the significance of ewom on social media for companies

The importance of social media has risen significantly in recent years. The use of social media results in a competitive advantage for companies, thanks to which they can strengthen their relationship with customers (Vendemia 2017; Nacimento & Silveria, 2017; Eger, Mičík, & Řeho...

Suchánek, Petr , Eger, Ludvík
Customer Satisfaction and Enterprise Performance: A Study from the Electronics and Communication Equipment Retail Industry in the Czech Republic

The aim of this paper is to identify whether customer satisfaction measured by means of mystery shopping in selected retail companies in the electronics and communication equipment industry and their loyalty expressed by the NPS score correlate with the performance of the selected ...

Eger, Ludvík , Egerová, Dana , Krystoň, Miroslav
Facebook and Public Relations in Higher Education. A Case Study of Selected Faculties from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Nowadays It is essential for universities and faculties to interact on-line with their potential applicants, current students as well as other stakeholders. In recent years, social media such as Facebook has provided higher education institutions with new means of communication with their&#x...

Eger, Ludvík

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