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Kováčová, Lucie
Návrh "In-body" antény

This thesis deals with antennas for devices in the body area network, especially for the endoscopic capsule. Different aspects that have to be considered to design and operate these antennas are discussed in the research part of the thesis. An overview of frequency bands, mate...

Forejtek, David
IPTV vysílání FEL ZČU v Plzni

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on the design and technical realization of internet TV in FEL ZČU network in Pilsen.

Fořt, Josef
Konstrukce širokopásmového akustického zdroje

This bachelor thesis is focused on the design and construction of a broadband acoustic source that will serve as a substitute for the used acoustic source Yamaha S115.

Očenášek, Jiří
Systém správy Li-Ion baterií - BMS

The main focus of this bachelor thesis is Battery Management System also known as BMS for Li-Ion batteries which is to be used with prototypes of electric vehicles. The system is designed to be able to level up voltage values of each cell, so negative side effects&#x...

Jára, Jakub
Použití stripline v elektromagnetické kompatibilitě

The bachelor thesis is focused on stripline and their connection to standardized sources. The aim is to design and implement adapters that impedancely adapt the stripline to coaxial lines. After calculating the characteristic stripline impedance, several impedance matching options are proposed.&#...

Dvořák, Pavel
Úprava aktivních koaxiálních reprosoustav pro účely akustických měření

This bachelor thesis is focused on adjusting the active crossover to the coaxial loudspeaker for the purposes of acoustic measurements. The aim of my final paper is to implement the correction filters on the digital signal processor and to measure the amplitude frequency response&#...

Medek, Michal
Úprava regulace vstupní citlivosti výkonového zesilovače Yamaha CP2000

This bachelor thesis discus design and implementation of preamplfier replacing the original inadequate regulation of input sensitivity of the Yamaha CP2000 power amplifier, which is used in acoustic laboratories at the Faculty of Eletrical Engineering. Implementation si carried by digitally contr...

Semenov, Dmytro
Přípravek softwarově definovaného rádia

This bachelor thesis is focused on implementation and verification of functionality of SDR receiver (software defined radio) with direct conversion of input frequencies of oscillation into baseband and ensuing software processing of quadrature signal (I / Q) using computer sound card. A...

Houzar, Josef
Stroboskopická lampa pro seřizování předstihu

This bachelor thesis is focused on the possibilities of ignition advance setting. The aim of this thesis is to design and realize a stroboscopic lamp. The first part of the thesis describes the importance of the correct advance setting together with the advance ad...

Malena, Ondřej
Řídicí jednotka kolejových úseků pro modelovou železnici

In this bachelor thesis the methods of model railway controlling are described and an analysis of the methods used for track occupancy detection is presented. In addition, attention is paid to the development of hardware of the rail segments control unit, serving both as a...

Zeman, Matyáš
Návrh řídící jednotky pro elektrickou pec

This bacillary deals with design and realization of the control system for electric oven. This controller is built on development kit NUCLEO-F411RE with microcontroller STM32F411RET6. Design of own PCB contains thermometer LM75A, display NHDC12864LZ- FSW-FBW-3V3, amplifier TS912 for measu...

Svatoš, Lukáš
Přípravek pro praktickou výuku Mechatroniky

In the introduction, you can find a brief overview of the PLC according to the design and a more detailed description of the Siemens Simatic S7-1500 programmable logic controller, which co-operated with the manufactured product. The next section contains an overview of the PLC ...

Vaněk, Kryštof
IoT technologie pro Smart City

This thesis is focused on currently utilisable technology in the field of Internet of Things, focused on application in Smart City. Part of its content is a survey on available networking solutions suitable both for devices with access to grid power and those with limited ...

Zvonař, Filip
Generátor DCC signálu pro modelovou železnici

This bachelor thesis is focused on the design and making of a DCC generator for the control of model trains on a model railroad which is at site of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia. In the theoretical part of this thesis&#...

Kristová, Petra
Inteligentní termostat

The theses deals with smart thermostat design intended for local temperature measurement. The features of the available temperature sensors are evaluated and the platform of the control application microcontroller is chosen. Next, the user interface and the hardware arrangement of the...

Jiruše, Jakub
Řídicí systém inteligentního domu

The aim of this bachelor work is a description of a intelligent building model and its functionalities as a demonstration of possible security system and intelligent building management. The design of the model consists of elements from Jablotron Alarms a.s. company and is designat...

Dražan, Jiří
Vliv krycích mřížek reproduktorů na výsledné parametry kytarových reprosoustav

This work deals with the influence of speaker cover grills for guitar speaker's parameters. The introduction of this work is focused on basic theory of speakers and principles of spreading acoustical wave when colliding with the obstacle. Mentioned a brief overview of used cove...

Novák, Marek
Robotické motorové kity

The thesis deals witch a control of motor modules available at the Department of Applied Electronic and Telecommunications using the pulse width modulation. Individual motors, motor drivers or whole assemblies are compared in terms of the control and other parameters. Subsequently, model...

Vovk, Aleš
Měření parametrů kytarových reproduktorů

The bachelor thesis is focused on description of the speakers parameters. In the first half of the work the principle of the electrodynamic loudspeaker, its speaker design, the parameters of the speakers and the principles of measuring these parameters are described. The second par...

Severa, Roman
Příklady využití vícejádrového mikroprocesoru XCORE

In the work we can see the difference between the multi-core XMOS microcontroller and classic one-processor architecture. The work will provide the basic information about the xCORE platform and basic knowledge about how to create applications.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 219