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Novák, Marek
Robotické motorové kity

The thesis deals witch a control of motor modules available at the Department of Applied Electronic and Telecommunications using the pulse width modulation. Individual motors, motor drivers or whole assemblies are compared in terms of the control and other parameters. Subsequently, model...

Dražan, Jiří
Vliv krycích mřížek reproduktorů na výsledné parametry kytarových reprosoustav

This work deals with the influence of speaker cover grills for guitar speaker's parameters. The introduction of this work is focused on basic theory of speakers and principles of spreading acoustical wave when colliding with the obstacle. Mentioned a brief overview of used cove...

Vovk, Aleš
Měření parametrů kytarových reproduktorů

The bachelor thesis is focused on description of the speakers parameters. In the first half of the work the principle of the electrodynamic loudspeaker, its speaker design, the parameters of the speakers and the principles of measuring these parameters are described. The second par...

Severa, Roman
Příklady využití vícejádrového mikroprocesoru XCORE

In the work we can see the difference between the multi-core XMOS microcontroller and classic one-processor architecture. The work will provide the basic information about the xCORE platform and basic knowledge about how to create applications.

Miesbauer, Petr
Návrh a realizace bezdrátového hodnotícího zařízení

This bachelor thesis is focused on design and realization of a wireless evaluating device for subjective evaluating of video and sound quality. The device is designed for measuring particular methods according ITU-R BT.500-11 norms for video and ITU-R BS.1534-1 norms for sound. It...

Zdebor, Jan
Měření parametrů prvků přepěťových ochran

Bachelor thesis presents fundamental features of soft protection against overvoltage. It observes changes on varistor voltage and transil breakdown voltage due to surges and deals with possible replacement of varistor by transil in certain areas. According to achieved results, which are prov...

Viktora, Josef
Navíječka cívek

The bachelor theses deals with the design of an automatic winding device for the production of self-supporting coils for electrotechnics. Part of the work was to create a mechanical construction with the appropriate hardware and to create a service software for setting winding...

Čechura, Jan
Detektor světelného režimu

The goal of this bachelor thesis is the realization of the microcomputer controlled module which continuously measures and evaluates the light mode in the laboratory. Checking the precision of the preset light mode is essential to develop relevant research findings. The detector was...

Morávka, Jan
Návrh a realizace poloautomatické leptací stanice

The presented bachelor thesis deals with various methods of production of printed circuit boards and their advantages or disadvantages. Thesis also deals with the design and then with the production of a semiautomatic etching station for production of printed circuit boards. The base&#x...

Voráček, Martin
Knihovna pro vykreslování grafů

The bachelor´s thesis is focused on the possibilities of using the SWT graphic library and the explanation why to choose such this SWT library for the depiction of graphs and closely connected things. It also explains how to design and work with this library in the s...

Chuman, Vladimír
Automatické testování rádiové stanice pro satelitní komunikaci

This bachelor thesis is occupied with the issue of satellite communication and with a simple hardware design for testing a ground station. The thesis is divided into two parts. The satellite communication issues are described in the first part of the thesis such as orbital...

Shashorin, Lev
Aplikace pro vzdálenou konfiguraci a ovládání polohy satelitních antén na palubě lodí

The aim of this work is to design software that allows remote control via data communication means over satellite antennas, for easy system maintenance and establishing telecommunication connections even under unfavorable conditions. The software is written in the Java programming language a...

Švajner, Michal
Jednofázový střídač 12VDC/230VAC, 50Hz

This thesis deals with a complete design of a single-phase inverter 12VDC/230VAC, 50Hz. The system is created modularly and consists of eight interconnected printed circuit boards. The main parts are a full-bridge push-pull converter 12VDC/330VDC with an additional control board and...

Kordík, František
Pasivní útlumové členy

The bachelor thesis is focused on passive attenuators. The aim is designed and implemented a 20 dB attenuator. This is achieved by several variants of and T attenuator. At first, the resistor values are calculated and the calculated attenuator is simulated in the LTspice....

Smaha, Tomáš
Distribuce signálu DVB-T2/HEVC a DAB+ ve společných anténách

This bachelor thesis describes the most basic principles of analogue television, but primarily principles of digital television DVB-T and the newer standard DVB-T2. It also describes the principles of digital terrestrial radio systems as is DAB and DAB+. Moreover, the work is focused&#x...

Koníček, Jakub
Obvody typu VTCMOS

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on solving problems with residual currents and their removal. It presents several methods for removing these streams and testing the Variable Threshold Voltage Technique, which then creates cells for the GDK library.

Bartoň, Lukáš
Impulsní napájecí zdroj 15V/75W

The present bachelor thesis is focused on switch mode power supply with output parameters 15 V and maximum 75 W. In this bachelor thesis are discussed different converter and suitable solution is selected for practical part. The aim of the thesis is to become aware of...

Hujer, Lukáš
Zabezpečovací systém pro školicí účely

The bachelor thesis deals with design of a security system for training purposes. The proposal deals with suitable location of the security peripherals into a commercially available aluminium tool case and consequently setting them up and putting into operation. Such an equipped tool&#x...

Beran, Martin
Stabilizátor pro akční kamery

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to design and create an electronic stabilizer with gimbal motors for an action camera. Thesis contains a description of the other way of stabilizing cameras. The camera is attached to the frame. The camera position sensors are mounted a...

Petřík, Štěpán
Software emcware\regm{} pro testování v elektromagnetické kompatibilitě

In this thesis is examined free software emcware from company AR Inc. This software is designed for basic measurement of electromagnetic compatibility for immunity testing and for measurement of disturbing emissions from electronic devices. For thesis is examined measurement of radiated...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 203