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Hubálek, Vít
Náhrada plynového kotle tepelným čerpadlem vzduch - voda pro vytápění rodinného domu po jeho zateplení

This bachelor thesis deals about replace of gas boiler for heat pump air water. There are done calculation of heat loss for insulation and non-insulation house, coefficient of performance for individually refrigerants and comperation of heat performance and cost for usage. There a...

Korelus, Jan
Experimentální výzkum vefukování vzduchu mezerou mezi rozváděcím a oběžným kolem

This bachelor's thesis deals with the impact of streaming steam through the radial gap between rotor and stator wheel and its continuing injection through the gap between stator and rotor wheel. In the work there is also done a recherche of two articles dealing with t...

Kaiser, Vojtěch
Měření proudových parametrů lopatkového kola volně se protáčejícího ve výstupním proudu z kontrakční dýzy kalibračního tunelu

By using the measuring technique, we determine the current turbine parameters mounted at the end of the aerodynamic tunnel. Calibration of pneumatic and HWA probes. Determination of calibration constants. Calculation of turbine revolution frequency. Comparison of measured speeds with pneumatic an...

Švejnoha, Marek
Návrh rotačního čerpadla a navazujícího potrubního systému

The aim of this thesis is to design a rotary pump and related piping system of a district heating auxiliary cooling system of a municipal waste incineration plant. For this purpose a research focused on rotary pumps and design of piping systems was made and problematics&#...

Bajić, Stefan
Analýza vlivu částí tepelného výměníku na proudové a teplotní pole v tepelném výměníku pomocí CFD

This bachelor thesis deals with numerical simulation of flow in the shell and tube heat exchanger of the type of exhaust gas-water. The objective of the simulation is to evaluate the effect of geometric changes of the inlet and outlet volumes on the exhaust gas current&#x...

Bém, Jindřich
Návrh tepelného schématu a funkčního P&ID strojovny parní turbíny

This bachelor work is focused on theoretical description of Rankin-Clausius heat cycle. Next part contains calculation of heat balance diagram of steam turbine. The last part pays attention to design process and instrumentation diagram.

Linhart, Matěj
Návrh systému chlazení pro vůz kategorie formula student

The bachelor sheet is focused on the problema of cooling system of a racecar. The main topics include research of the commonly used systems and design of a new system. Substantial benefit is improved efficiency of cooling systém of UWB05 racecar.

Pechman, Pavel
Návrh funkčního P&ID strojovny parní turbiny 250 MW

The aim of the sheet is process design of P&ID of steam turbine. To make design of the condensate pumps and control valve based on the given parameters.

Douda, František
Budoucí trendy v Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

This work is about current and future trends in energy from the point of view of CSP technology and its presentation and describing as a promising direction in renewable sources of energy due to the use of fuel, which is for free and without any emissions and is...

Vrána, Tomáš
Návrh energetického zdroje

An analysis of the domestic energy situation up to 2020 followed by a discussion of the possible energy sources that can be effectively built in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the entire design and calculation of thermodynamic cycle for the selected source.

Legát, Vojtěch
Parní ohřev zásobní nádrže mazutu

This thesis deals with heating of residual fuel iol reservoir. Work includes description of methods for solving heat losses, optimalisation of the insulation thickness, length of the heat exchanger, used for ensure heating of reservoir and piping fittings. Goals of the thesis are&...

Tupý, David
Experimentální měření na vzduchovém tunelu pro výzkum axiálních těles

The thesis deals with experimental measurement of an axial exhaust hood loss coefficient. Measurement is conducted in a wind tunnel. The first part is focused on theoretical aspects of diffusers. Further in the thesis, methods of measurement of the loss coefficient and the measurin...

Pelikán, Martin
Vyhodnocení vlivu vybraných geometrických částí chlazeného výfukového potrubí na proudové a teplotní pole pomocí CFD

This bachelor thesis deals with the numeric simulation of flow in the shell and tube heat exchanger of type exhaust gas-water. As a result is a flow and temperature fields and temperature of exhaust gas leaving heat exchanger. An effect of different geometry modifications at&#...

Kovařík, Jiří
Systémy pro projektování technologických celků ve 3D a jejich vzájemná komunikace

The bachelor thesis contains information about softwares for the overall design of pipe routes. Design is created in the AVEVA Plant 12.1 program as a 3D model and after that it is exported to CEASAR II for a comprehensive stress calculation. The optimal setting of PSI&#x...

Mácha, Martin
Konstrukční řešení ochranných prvků zařízení na likvidaci čidel vnitroreaktorové instrumentace

This bachelor thesis is focused on construction design of protective elements for device which is used to destruction of sensors in-core instrumentation. The main task this thesis is construction design of protectives elements which can be used operational.

Šimeček, Kamil
Proměření aerodynamického tunelu metodou LDA

This Bachelor work deals with one of methods to determine the velocity profile of flowing fluid, deals with Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA). The first topic are theoretical principle of this method, using this method in practise and the compilation with some another methods co...

Lejsek, Adam
Experimentální turbíny pro výzkum sekundárního proudění

This Bachelor thesis is focused on the experimental turbines developed for the research of secondary flow. First of all, it focuses on turbomachines in general and then more specifically on axial turbines, how are they divided and how does the flow part and turbine stage ...

Matějka, Tomáš
Experimentální výzkum proudění nadbandážovou ucpávkou oběžného kola vzduchové turbíny

This bachelor thesis deals with research of used tip leakage seals, analysis of some papers on this topic and redesign of experimental turbine VT-400.

Kadlecová, Martina
Numerický výpočet proudění ve stupni experimentální vzduchové turbíny

This bachelor thesis deals with the simulation of flow in experimental air turbine VT400, which is located in the laboratory of department of power system engineering UWB. The flow channel and the adjacent gap are modeled. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes basic kn...

Bondareva, Irina
Konstrukční řešení hermetických kabelových průchodek (HKP) pro reaktory PWR

This bachelor's thesis is concerned with Hermetic cable penetrations for nuclear power plants. The theoretical part entails a description of the general significance of cabel penetrations and how they're categorized. The practical part is concerned with my own design on a modificatio...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81