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Franc, Jiří , Pechánek, Roman , Kindl, Vladimír , Zavřel, Martin
Ventilation system with skewed rotor cooling ducts of 40-MW synchronous machine: a case study

This paper describes modified ventilation system and thermal analysis of low-power 40-MW turbo generator. The study compares thermal behaviour of the machine for three different arrangements of the rotor ventilation ducts. Variations of both the sub-slot and the radial ducts are analysed.&#x...

Gevorkov, Levon , Šmídl, Václav , Sirový, Martin , Rassõlkin, Anton , Kallaste, Ants , Vaimann, Toomas
Model for torque estimation of pump system with horizontal pipe network

This paper investigates the possibility of torque estimation of Centrifugal Pump System (CPS) with horizontal pipe network topology. It illustrates the concept of a model-based scheme for hydraulic system simulation. The simulation model developed for CPS takes into consideration the hydraulic&#x...

Novák, Jaroslav , Votík, Jaromír , Štork, Milan , Zeman, Václav
Srovnání normativů tělesné zdatnosti čs. populace z r. 1976 se současnou sportující a nesportující populací

BACKGROUND: Results of national physical fitness survey of Czechoslovak population were published in 1976. The survey was part of International Biological Program IBP. The results are used as standards for evaluating fitness level and cardio-respiratory capacity of subjects till now. OBJECTIVES:&...

Mach, Pavel , Geczy, Attila , Polanský, Radek , Bušek, David
Glass transition temperature of nanoparticle-enhanced and environmentally stressed conductive adhesive materials for electronics assembly

In our paper, the characterization of glass transition temperature (Tg) was performed for one- and two-component electrically conductive adhesive used in electronic joining technologies. Both adhesives were of the epoxy type with the silver filler. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) was used ...

Streit, Luboš , Talla, Jakub , Janda, Martin
Tram LC filter stabilization by Energy Storage system

The paper is focused on the tram input LC traction filter stabilization by the Energy Storage System. The input LC filter is almost undamped resonant circuit which is mainly excited by the motor constant torque command. The tram during voltage drops increases the current flow&...