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Rendl, Karel
Diagnostika propojovacích struktur součástek a substrátů

This work deals with the optimization of the soldering process and its impact on the quality of the solder joint in terms of flux. First chapter describes introduction to the issue of lead-free soldering and difficulties concerning this technology. This chapter is mostly focused&#x...

Raková, Lenka
Obnovitelné zdroje v elektroenergetice

The decentralized electricity generation from photovoltaic power plants is accompanied by unfavourable consequences on the operation and regulation of the Czech Republic electricity system. The aim of the doctoral thesis is to evaluate the possibilities of the frequency and voltage control i...

Křibský, Petr
Využití moderních průmyslových sběrnic v náročných prostředích

This thesis deals with methods for an estimation of state of charge of lithium ion batteries. This work contains a description of the basic principles of estimation the state of charge. The paper also includes a proposal of an unconventional method for estimation of state ...

Svoboda, Michal
Implementace Condition Based managemantu elektroizolačních systémů

Growing demand on efficient operation of the electrical grids is driving the operators of electrical machinery and equipment to efficiently invest into maintenance and renewal of operated assets. For accurate and cost-effective decisions operators&...

Hirman, Martin
Diagnostika propojovacích struktur součástek a substrátů

This thesis deals with interconnection of components with flexible substrates considering the different properties compared to the standard rigid substrates. This topic is explained theoretically in the first part of the thesis. Especially, the soldering technology, gluing technology, types of fl...