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Úlovcová, Petra
Princip zákazu diskriminace v pracovněprávnich vztazích

The thesis deals with the complex and in the context of the principle of discrimination in labor-law relations both in the context of historical, human rights and in the context of the current situation in labor-law relations and their direction. Furthermore, this thesis deals ...

Procházka, Matouš
Nemovitost jako předmět obligace

The thesis describes issues with the position of real estate as a subject of a obligation in the legal system. The work is divided into thematic chapters, which contain an analysis of the issues in Roman law and modern law. The conclusion of each chapter is a mu...

Korbelová, Petra
Směnka vlastní a její interpretace soudy

The purpose of this essay is to provide a whole comprehensive view on a Promissory note. Carefully go through every requirement, clause or every occurence to be found in bill common practice. to add a rich practice of the court and a diverse specialised literature to ...

Motejl, Jakub
Pohledávky okresních soudů a jejich vymáhání

The rigorous work focuses on debt collection of district courts claims. The rigorous work analyzes in detail the individual types of court claims considering their execution titles and analyzes the specifics of debt collection of individual receivables with emphasis on the debt collecti...

Zikmund, Martin
Právní řád v období Bachova absolutismu 1851-1859

The purpose of this rigorous work is to present a certain outline of the legal order during Bach's absolutism. It looks at the regulations that started and ended this legal regime in the Habsburg Monarchy, as well as at regulations that supported persecution tendencies and...