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Recent Submissions

Čmolík, Martin
Nezbytná cesta a její vztah k veřejné cestě a dalším způsobům zajištění přístupu k nemovité věci

This Advanced Master's thesis presents the instrument of necessary path and the related case law and explores the relations between necessary path and other manners of ensuring access to real estate. Strong emphasis is placed on the reasons for which a necessary path cannot...

Kraus, Michal
Vybrané raritní zápisy do katastru nemovitosti - duplicitní zápis vlastnického práva a přídatné spoluvlastnictví

The thesis is focused on two infrequent types of entries in the land register; on duplicate registrations of ownership and accessory co-ownership. The whole work is oriented as much as possible towards the practical aspects of these legal instruments and everything related to them....

Vávrová, Martina
Společné jmění manželů a insolvenční řízení

The rigorous thesis deals with the conflict between the institute od joint property of spouses and the institute of insolvency proceedings, through which the debtor can solve his unfavourable situation, consisting in the inability to fulfil his debts.

Doležal, Adam
Trestný čin vraždy a zabití podle § 140, § 141 tr. zák.

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of de lege lata regulation of intentional killings. The crime of murder and the crime of manslaughter represent the most serious crimes against human life in the current Czech Criminal Code. In order to realize the seriousness of th...

Dubská, Natálie
Kriminalistická taktika výslechu

The master thesis is elaborated on the topic of criminalistic interrogation tactics. The thesis deals with the concept of interrogation as such, what is its object and what it aims at. Furthermore, the concept of interrogation is discussed from the perspective of criminal law, ...