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Mareš, Pavel , Vlček, Jaroslav , Houška, Jiří , Kohout, Jiří , Čapek, Jiří
Effect of energetic particles on pulsed magnetron sputtering of hard nanocrystalline MBCN (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) films with high electrical conductivity

Nanocrystalline MBCN (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) films were deposited onto Si substrates using pulsed magnetron co-sputtering of a single B4C-M target. The substrate temperature was adjusted to 450 °C during the depositions on the substrates at a floating potential. The total pressure of ...

Musil, Jindřich , Čiperová, Zuzana , Čerstvý, Radomír , Haviar, Stanislav
Flexible hard (Zr, Si) alloy films prepared by magnetron sputtering

The article reports on the investigation of mechanical properties of Si-rich (Zr, Si) alloy films deposited by magnetron sputtering. The main aim of this investigation is to develop flexible hard (Zr, Si) alloy films with enhanced resistance to cracking. The (Zr, Si) films were...

Kačerová, Ilona , Bureš, Marek , Kába, Martin , Görner, Tomáš
Influence of the Upper Limb Position on the Forearm EMG Activity – Preliminary Results

The paper is focused on influence of the upper limb position on the forearm EMG activity. This paper briefly reviews proposed methodology and measuring process. Those results are just preliminary which served for evaluation of proposed methodology. The research is focused on the is...

Reiterer, Florian , Zhou, Jinwei , Kovanda, Jan , Rulc, Vojtěch , Kemka, Vladislav , del Re, Luigi
Beyond-Design-Basis Evaluation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Simulation studies are nowadays an invaluable tool for the design, as well as for the safety evaluation and veri_cation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or Automated Driving Functions (ADF). In case ADAS/ADF are developed using simulation studies, they are (usually) designed...

Kobes, Tomáš
O sociologické imaginaci

This article discusses the controversy of the sociological imagination as it was developed by Charles Wright Mills and its relevance for the current epistemology of social science. His notion of the sociological imagination has several problems due to the unreflected general prejudice d...