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Sido, Jakub , Konopík, Miloslav
Deep Learning for Text Data on Mobile Devices

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is becoming a significant phenomenon in our lives. As with many other powerful tools, AI brings many advantages but many risks as well. Predictions and automation can significantly help in our everyday lives. However, sending our&#x...

Scharfenberg, Georg , Elis, Luděk , Hofmann, Gerhard
New Design Methodology – Using VHDL-AMS Models to Consider Aging Effects in Automotive Mechatronic Circuits for Safety Relevant Functions

In this paper a design method for mechatronic functions in an early design phase under consideration of the requirements of functional safety is proposed [14]. The goal of the method is to discover threats for the safety goals and to prove or optimize the diagnostic mecha...

Pichlík, Petr
Evaluation of Phase Shift in Electric Drive by Kalman Filter for Wheel Slip Control

Slip controller is an essential part of the locomotive controller because it enables maximum force transfer and increases the service life of the locomotive parts. The modern slip controllers try to determine actual adhesion parameters and set the required tractive force to avoid s...

Petržela, Jiří
Circuit Equivalent to Rucklidge System

This short report describes completely analog circuit realization of the so-called Rucklidge equations. Design process is systematic and supported by a circuit-oriented numerical analysis (bifurcation diagrams and Lyapunov exponents) and real experimental verification via the oscilloscope screenshots. Oscillato...

Peniak, Peter , Bubeníková, Emilía
Validation of IoT secure communication gateway for constrained devices

This article deals with the challenge how to secure communication of constrained embedded devices via the Internet of Things protocols. The main focus is paid on a secure communication gateway, which is designed to enhance the security level of communication for constrained devices....