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Kutílek, Jakub
Spravedlivá obec u Platóna

This thesis deals with the two major Plato's political pieces of work, i.e. the Constitution and the Laws. Throughout the whole work there is the idea of justice and the search for the answer to the very question; what is justice. The work focuses primarily on mu...

Pichrtová, Alice
Soukromé a veřejné právo v minulosti a současnosti

The objective of the thesis is research on the problematics of public rights and private rights - dualism of rights. Firstly attention is given to defining these concepts. Then significant theories about the separation of rights, into public rights and private rights, are discussed...

Vnuk, Tomáš
Odpovědnost a rozhodování sporů ve sportu

My thesis deals with some criminal aspects of sports activity and and the subsequent application of criminal law standards in sport, such as sports injuries, doping and corruption. Great attention is paid to the civil and criminal liability of an athlete for sports injuries. I...

Froulová, Dominika
Nezávislost soudců a advokátů v historickém vývoji

The theme of this diploma theses is the independence of the judges and the advocates and its historical development and it deals with one of the basic principles of the just trial the independence of both of these legal professions. The historical outline of the dev...

Váchal, Vladimír
Právní úprava požívání alkoholu a návykových látek v islámském a íránském právu

The work gives insights into Islamic law, specializing in Islamic law in criminal matters. The main issue being addressed is the regulation of alcohol and addictive drugs in the Islamic and Iranian law. The work does not attempt to offer some sort of comparison of these&#...

Churcev, Vladimír
Minulost, přítomnost a perspektivy Ústavního soudu

The thesis is divided into seven chapters. First of those is an introduction. Second chapter deals with the origins of constitutional justice and comparison of constitutional courts of Hungary, Slovenia and Poland. In the next chapter the Constitutional court of Czech Republic is a...

Kopřivová, Iveta
Vznik manželství v tradičním islámském právu a současném právu vybraných islámských zemích

The present work deals with the marriage of both traditional Islamic law, and in states with predominantly Muslim community. The main objective is to highlight the differences between the legislation of Islamic states and classical Islamic law.

Schmiedtová, Kateřina
Uzavírání manželství, srovnání v židovském a islámském právu

Marriage under Jewish and Islamic law is very different, even though both religions are based on a common basis. The work focuses on the details of the two systems in terms of marital life in general, remarriage ways of closing, the terms and conditions as well as&#x...

Kratochvíl, Filip
Prameny anglického práva

The main goal of this thesis is to provide basic information on the operation of the English legal system. In its history lies the emergence of the Anglo-American legal culture. Analysis of the sources of English law, their historical origins and their use may help to...

Burda, Vojtěch
Normativní teorie práva

In my diploma thesis called ?Normative Law Theory?, I look into the normative theory of Frantisek Weyr and Hans Kelsen. At first it was important to understand the critical-idealistic philosophy style established by the famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant. In the second part&#...

Said, Adam
Islámské právo trestní

The aim is to clearly and comprehensively introduce the issue of Islamic criminal law, Czech or Slovak resources on this topic almost none or do not deal with this issue. Another goal is to break down and analyze the theoretical background and criminal matters solutions a...

Märzová, Andrea
Manželství v islámském právu

Information about islamic culture and law, introduction to islamic law. Marriage and divorce in islamic law, short anotation about children and woman´s law in Islam.

Barták, Jakub
Teoretickoprávní aspekty trestání

The primary aim of this thesis is to outline and evaluate the arguments of some punishment justification theories, especially of consequentialism, retributive consequentialism and consensual theory. A major part of the text is devoted to the links between different types of justification,&#x...

Slavíková, Irena
Antropologie práva

Anthropology of law is studying law as a phenomenon common to all peoples and nations. From terms of time perspective examines past and present nations. It seeks to uncover the elements that are present in all legal systems of different nations.Anhtropology of law can us...

Said, Adam
Islámské právo trestní

Introduction of The work focuses on Islam in general, then focuses on Islamic criminal law (Sharia). It deals with various criminal offenses and penalties for them. The work is complemented by photographs of the most important places and things in the Muslim world.

Vaněk, Jaroslav
Právní principy soudobého státu

Dissertation is focused on legal principles of contemporary state. It reffers to the usage of legal principles of supreme instances of Czech republic. Author looks into various opinions of legal theorists about usage of legal principles in decision-making of courts. It also includes...

Pöhlmannová, Marika
Lidská práva jako právní principy

The DP is about the human rights, about the legal principles and about their splitting, protection, importance.

Pöhlmannová, Marika
Lidská práva jako právní principy

The DP is about the human rights, about the legal principles and about their splitting, protection and importance.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18